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Blizzcon Aftermath

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Hey everybody! First of all I would like to speak on behalf of Complexity Red and go ahead and say Thank you to all the fans and the support given to us throughout the entire weekend, there was absolutely no way we would have done as well as we did if it weren't for you guys, we were really down and it was a rough ride back up but knowing that literally thousands were cheering for us was enough motivation to keep us going.

I'll first start talk about the matches, we lost 3-0 to aAa before vsing LCA in the lower bracket finals, Sodah was very very hungry at this point because he hadn't eaten anything all day and we almost lost the tournament right there but came out on top 3-2 after a very hard series. Going into the finals I was very down and not confident at all. Thanks to Jason Lake for the speech given to us I think that is what helped motivate ourselves to keep pushing for the title and the big money.

I think literally every single person at Blizzcon was cheering for col red, that is just so amazing to me and gave me this feeling that I don't think many people can understand, especially when you hear the cheers Col Red! Snutz! etc. My focus was winning Blizzcon the whole weekend, and the same goes for both Venruki and Sodah. We practiced really hard for it although it was really hard to find practice against that certain comp.

I'm sure everybody knows the upset that happened on the last night. We basically played 4 hours in the finals, + 2 hours previously against aAa and LCA before and were EXHAUSTED. I was literally about to pass out, at that point even the fans had a hard time keeping me awake. We were down 1-2 and pulled out the priest from Sodah, it was the biggest gamble we have ever done at a WoW tournament but aAa was not expecting it and we got 2 wins out of them making it so we only had to play one more final series. At this point we were fucking pumped and ready to take it home, everyone was cheering us on and we knew we were in a good position, aAa were upset and we were on top of the world. We played a best out of 5 series and it came down to 2-1 in our favor, aAa had previously won on damage the match before on Ruins and if we didn't do something the series will go 2-2. The timer hits around the 20 minute mark and we KNEW we had to do something quick or we're going to lose this match on damage(dumb rule btw) so we went ALL out on the warlock of aAa and managed to blow him up, thinking we had won i slammed my headset on the table and was so pumped with energy I was yelled by Venruki and Sodah to sit back down to finish the game. We land a kill on the shaman to finish it off and that's when it hit me, I just fucking won Blizzcon.

Every single person I love came up on stage to congratulate us, Jason Lake was going crazy giving me the biggest bear hug, I gave hugs to everyone and kisses to my two favorite girls that came out to cheer us on. I came over to aAa to shake their hands for a very exciting and insane series and that's when they told me it wasn't over. Enigmz from the other team told me that they survived until the 20 minute mark and I fucking lost it. I was swearing left and right saying how bullshit it was that this is actually happening to us right now.

The admins went together with Byron(Reckful) and Jason Lake to check out the replays to see whether or not aAa was right, I was sitting down furiously with my homies just praying that we did not have to play another match. Admins walk out and tell us we do, there was so much going on in my head at the moment I didn't know how I was going to sit back down and play. Every single member of col red used all of their last remaining energy giving out hugs and just being excited thinking we won. Sitting back down I already knew we lost, I gave it my best but we were all pissed off at the situation and after playing 6 hours I just didn't know how I could find it in me to finish out the last game. We got the druid down to 1000 HP and if had one of my spells crit he would have gone down, but oh well this is World of Warcraft.

The game ends and I go over to congratulate aAa for their win, they did win it fair and square using the rules of Blizzard. I hop off the stage and just gave my friend a hug of disappointment. Like Sodah said it became the happiest moment of my life to the saddest moment of my life. We all walked out the convention and just decided to go eat, all split up and were going to meet together but that didn't work out because everyone was down. We couldn't get a hold of Sodah to go eat at iHop which was the only place open at the time so that was a huge buzzkill. There were a few parties here and there but I couldn't even push myself to have fun on the last night and anyone that knows me I always go crazy every single event, that was the first time.

We all stayed an extra day and decided to just go to Byron's and chill around for the rest of the weekend which is what everyone needed I think. Our two friends came along as well and we had a lot of fun surprisingly. I'm home now and just going back to school, keep pondering all these what if's that could have been different at Blizzcon but that's behind me now, hopefully we're all still playing in the future and will be a stronger team then before. All I know is that our friendship bond is so much bigger then it already was, my look on things is friendship and nothing more. I really feel like having that bond will push your team to become a better team then practice will(of course you need both).

Once again I'd like to say thank you to all the fans and friends that cheered us on at Blizzcon, I love you all.


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  1. 1's Avatar
    You played great and it was a pleasure to be there. Can't wait for 2011!
  2. JaX's Avatar
    You guys did really well. Very proud of your performance. The call was completely heart breaking and pretty much BS.
  3. Naturphoenix's Avatar
    You guys deserved the win, fail call by Blizzard. Now enigz is trolling like crazy on ming ~.~
  4. Mathiew's Avatar
    You guys won, period. Dumb **** rule by blizzard. You guys showed some real sportmanship too, something I wouldn't even have done myself.

    - Stormeh
  5. Ellivlok23's Avatar
    Blizzard's fuck up doesn't mean you guys aren't the real champions. It takes a real champion to celebrate a victory, get it revoked, and then sit down and actually play that final match. Better luck next year and keep up the good work.
  6. rika's Avatar
    You guys kicked ass, this doesn't diminish that. Hopefully this will encourage them to look at the rules and make some changes to minimize unclear situations and embarrassments for themselves. I hope you guys still have good memories of Blizzcon despite all this, its still a big f-ing deal that you were where you were and that you did what you did.
  7. coL.FalleN's Avatar
    that episode sucked.