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da bears


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Today I gave a speech in class about Islam religion, I was pretty nervous about the speech but I think I still did well. One student though did his on meditation and it completely got me hooked. Relaxing the mind is something I've needed for a long long time and I'm not going to resort to drugs as in adderall to do it for me. Today I just meditated for the first time in my life, for about 10 min. And let me tell you after that short period of 10 min I felt something different. It was an amazing feeling and I think this is going to be with me now on.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    The mind is infinitely more powerful than 99% of people give it credit for.
  2. Rainman's Avatar
    I use to meditate a lot in these last few years, but haven't found much time lately... definitely need to find some because I could really use it.
  3. jose's Avatar
    How do you meditate? I heard if you did it wrong you can die.
  4. JaX's Avatar
    Erik is very introspective, people just don't know it!
  5. da bears's Avatar
    pretty much a beginner way that i do it is get in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. count your breathing, inhale and exhale. 1 1 2 2 3 3 all the way up to 10. Every other thought in your head should go past you like if you were on a train going by scenery. and just focus on your breathing. do this for 10 min and feel the difference. Don't try to close your eyes, keep them half open or open and focus on 1 spot on the room. If you close your eyes make sure you have a light on your eye lids, you don't want to have darkness. (your brain will shutdown and go into sleep mode) you aren't trying to fall asleep you are trying to maintain focus
  6. vnM's Avatar
    You should try doing so in a sauna, you don't even have to really meditate.. just hop in a relax and breathe. It is very very calming.

    What did you learn about the islamic religion? I've been reading into it a bit, since I am on this island after all, but what I see is only the extremist view, and not the peaceful version that I have heard about from friends and such.
  7. da bears's Avatar
    Ill post something about it during these days