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Network Upgrade! HUZZAH!

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My ISP (Shaw Cable in Vancouver BC) has been doing upgrades to their infrastructure lately and they've finally hit my area!!!

From 5MBITS to 15+MBITS!!!

I would trade a little download speed for a better upload though haha! :P Either way, I'm a happy camper since it was free as well!

update: WHOAH!!!

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Updated 02-24-2009 at 06:12 PM by pixeeelz



  1. Bossi's Avatar
  2. 1's Avatar
    Lookin good.. I have 10/1 but really want FIOS.. wish it would come to my area.
  3. JetBlk's Avatar
    school i have 100mbit at home i have 10mbit i wish fios would come to my home area tho which is just 20 min away from my college.
  4. CaliJared's Avatar
    Your upload is still kinda slow, and I think that's the important one for online gaming (at least for online fighters).

    But your download is INSANE.
  5. Spikey00's Avatar
    What the bloody...

    Shaw Extreme, or that other one? Nitro?

    *Sigh* I live in Calgary, with Telus Enhanced and getting low speeds. eg. Max real-time download I've seen was 350KB/s.


    Well, contract ends soon so that will be changed. ohyes.
  6. pixeeelz's Avatar
    @Spikey: Regular High Speed lol they added powerboost!!!

    No contracts with Shaw ftw!
  7. Sryinex's Avatar
    I just want them to get fiber where I'll be moving to, they've been laying the fiber underground so I hope service will be out soon.
  8. c0k3's Avatar
    i get 20/5 from fios
  9. Spikey00's Avatar
    I am totally getting off my bloody contract and switching to Shaw $40 m/o hopefully.


  10. Rainman's Avatar
    holy shit lucky... my ISP just did some updates and we got a free boost from 1mbps to like 4mbps.
  11. pixeeelz's Avatar
    $42 gets you 15MBIT DOWN & 1MBIT UP with Powerboost ;P
  12. cK5's Avatar

    thats what i get from comcast in connecticut