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New to RTS? No worries!

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Hey everybody! coL.Ryan here from the newly acquired coL.sc2 (starcraft 2) team, and first off I'd like to thank everyone at compLexity who has already welcomed us, as well as the general public that greeted us upon our entry!

I just wanted to make this post just so you visitors who frequent this prestigious site understand who we are and what we do, as compLexity has not really delved into the RTS (real-time strategy) genre too much in the past, with the exception of the lone Starcraft II player Silver, which unfortunately had real-life issues interfere with his competition.

Having been a longtime fan of compLexity beforehand, it's clear that the majority of their strengths in the past have been around FPS games (counterstrike and team fortress obviously coming to mind) and the strong WoW teams as well, and not so much the percieved "slower" genre of RTS. In this blog am I in no way trying to downplay any of the other games or genres here on this site, but Starcraft II is flippin' awesome if you put the time in to check it out. As the e-famous SC2 caster Day[9] puts it, Starcraft is like "chess on steroids" where to compete at the highest level you need the dexterity of a master violinist, as well as the strategical thinking of a chess grandmaster. Now obviously this is a slight exaggeration, as someone who is a combination of those two could pretty much do whatever they wanted, but you get the general gist of what he is saying.

I love counter-strike 1.6, I've been a casual CS gamer (see: noob) for the last 10ish years, delving into cal-o and cal-m (impressive eh?) way back in the day, but my true heart lies with Starcraft II. The intensity of the game, which is often lost behind such obviously violent and action-packed games like CS, TF2, Halo, and so on, lies in understanding what the player is doing. It may be obvious to say "oh damn Fallen just awped their entire team" and easily SEE that it is incredible, skillful, and hard to pull off, however when speaking to people who don't quite understand RTS, they only typically see a player clicking their mouse a ton, and moving around.

What that casual observer DOESN'T see is that the player has his eyes all over a map, making sure that nothing escapes his vision. A strong player is able to scout his opponent, react to what he sees, continue production and furthering his economy, all while at the same time manipulating an army and individual units in a huge fight. This mesh of looking at the small, tedious parts of a battle, while making sure to make lightning-quick without hesitation while being forced to look away from battle to work on an economy is very breathtaking, and somewhat undervalued.

I can speak for all my teammates and myself when I say that for you, be you a diehard CS1.6 fan of our Brasilian teammates (hell I know I've already watched like six of their demos in one week), or of any other part of the compLexity organization, to take the time to check in on one of our Starcraft II clan matches, or follow a player through a tournament posted on the front page, if just to understand what it is and why we do it.

We are all extremely passionate about our own e-sport, and it is my goal in this community to help further the growth and development of the coL.sc2 team. I cannot stress in one blog post how delighted I am to be part of this community

Thanks everyone who takes the time to read my first Blog post!

Yours truly,
Ryan "coL.Ryan" Rushia

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Chess on crack is what I call SC2
  2. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Great to have you on the team! It is only going to get better. Even if I do die first in Star Battle hahah
  3. claymore's Avatar
    good read, I can definitely appreciate the skill-gap in competitive and casual sc2, being a below .500 bronze'r myself.
  4. Naturphoenix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 1
    Chess on crack is what I call SC2
    Bobby fischer bags the differ
  5. coL.FalleN's Avatar
    haha good to know you watch us. Good post. gl in SC2 and i will watch ur matchs for sure
  6. ManifesteD's Avatar
    Nice blog Ryan .. I do like the part about you playing CS
  7. GoodRiot's Avatar
    I've been playing CS since 2004 and I never played a single RTS untill a couple months ago. At 1st I thought SC2 wasn't that great but now I think it's the best eSport game ever (I know CS/Quake I love you too).
  8. JaX's Avatar
    Great blog, great man, winning smile.
  9. gu1d0's Avatar
    nice blog ! keep it up bro