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About myself and gaming

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Hi everyone!

My name is Victor, and Iím a fourth year student studying accounting and finance with a minor in economics at the University of Waterloo in Canada. My gaming experience - Iíve played Starcraft (iCCup C+), Warcraft III (fooling around, got my 750 human wins icon) and Dota (TDA with friends, this was my ďrelaxingĒ game after a few hours on iCCup playing the oh so frustrating and perfected art that is Starcraft.

Some of you may have heard of me back in SCII Beta, when I spent hours playing every day and my marks suffered ^^. When the game was released, I was studying for exams, then went directly on vacation until my fourth year of university started in September (which I actually did pretty well in, surprisingly). Iíve been trying to fit in as much gaming as possible, and I am pleased to say that Iíve found a good balance (alternating between sleeping low and average amounts a day).

But enough about my history, I want to talk about what gaming means to me. Iím a regular person; I study hard, I go clubbing, I play soccer, and I enjoy hanging out with friends. However, since I started playing SCII, gaming was no longer the ďback-upĒ plan for me, and I would play 2ís, or practice 1v1 and would call that a good night and time well spent. This is because of how friendly and genuine the people I met online were.

Iím sure you all have your own reasons to play your game (whatever it is), but I play it because I enjoy it. I enjoy playing with my teammates, trying out new maps, playing Run ling run (if you havenít tried that out, go ahead right now!), and having my void ray stack up 20+ kills in a standard ladder or tournament match.

Iím happy to be a part of the compLexity community, and I intend to keep bringing the most entertaining and high-level games to you.


Victor ďAntimage Poon

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  1. coL.Ganon's Avatar
    I'd like to see this void ray of yours stacking up to 20+ kills. Sounds like a myth
  2. 1's Avatar
    So much SC2 skill in Canada! Good blog Victor!
  3. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    vic is the man and an amazing protoss, very glad to be on a team with him
  4. MrWest's Avatar
    victor fighting!