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Summer in January

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Well, I was driving to pick up Jordan from preschool today and thought it felt pretty hot out for January. Took a picture of my car's dashboard.

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Enjoy you snow bunnies!

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  1. haticK's Avatar
    brrr 90 degress, you must be freezing
  2. Jericho's Avatar
  3. GoodRiot's Avatar
    It was -10 here at 7am...

    Guess you got 100 degrees on me lololol.
  4. Shadowz's Avatar
    I used to like you Jason. I live in NEw England and we jsut got hammered with snow :0( I'm so over the winter.
  5. Popcorn1's Avatar
    I really do hate you Jake when you talk about Cali weather.
  6. 1's Avatar
    hehe.. sorry guys, but I had to... I grew up in Iowa for around 23 years so I paid my dues in cold weather
  7. Redav's Avatar
    ... it was like -30 degrees celsius here today.
  8. Reckful's Avatar
  9. GoodRiot's Avatar
    Jason please don't bring the karma upon yourself!

  10. 1's Avatar
    Wow, crazy article.. that'd be nuts