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Ryan's Lessons for Protoss Players

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Hey everyone! As you may or may not know I have been giving out lessons to Starcraft II Protoss players since the release of the game, and would like to get it started on the compLexity site

I am currently at almost 3000 Masters League on the NA server, but have access to the EU server as well, where I was also in the Masters League. I have been on the top200 list of both NA and EU, and have recently acquired a Korean account so will continue my laddering/learning over there as well.

In regards to the actual lessons, it is typically 20$ an hour for a lesson, however the price becomes negotiable once a person purchases additional hours, or some other type of similar scenario. Each lesson is catered and prepared for each individual that desires lessons, with time before the lesson talking to me about what you'd like to go over and anything of relevance, to maximize the time in the actual lesson

A typical lesson, which can vary slightly depending on the level of the student, revolves around focusing on one-two main flaws that the student has, and pushing to correct these individual errors, as opposed to try and overwhelming you at once by telling every single thing that you could have done wrong. I have had success with this through playing you myself (I can play all races competently), watching the replay afterwards together to find specifics to focus on, and "brainstarring" where I have you play a person, and guide you through the motions while you play, just so you can get the feel of when/where you should be doing specific actions.

Here is a batch of reviews from my TeamLiquid.net Lesson-Blog, as well as the link so you can see the remainder of the comments about my lessons:

Yea definitely for those who're struggling to get to platinum and diamond, Ryan will take you there. - NzaR

Just finished a session with Ryan and it was actually pretty awesome. Ran me through a few things that I didn't even realize I was aware of, brought in a friend to play against me and observed to notice things while we were playing. First time I have ever really had anyone try to teach me the game rather than just play with me, and I am really satisfied with it.
Thanks Ryan! Great coach, very helpful and a cool guy as well. Would certainly recommend. - FuriousJodo

I just finished my lesson with Ryan, and I thought it was really helpful. While I was playing in the practice games, he was able to express his points in a clear, concise manner that didn't feel intrusive to my playing. After the games, he went into more detail about what went wrong during that game, and provided specific examples of how to do it better... I would highly recommend him to anyone who feels their play is lacking, or could just benefit from an outside point of view. - Octothorpe

Just finished lessons with Ryan really helpful and really good guy. Biggest thing for me was not just the strategies that he covered but really helped me to see the other holes in my game that I need to improve on. Was understanding that I am a gold level player looking to improve aswell. Will be doing future lessons with him for sure. Thanks and highly recommended. - oZii


Also, if you go to the TeamLiquid.net thread I just posted, you can see a 6-part Youtube compilation of my lesson with FuriousJodo, as he graciously streamed/FRAPsed it so I could share it with anyone else.

If you have any questions about lessons, or curious as to how to get them started or ANYTHING about them, please feel free to message me on these forums, as well as shooting me an e-mail at [email protected]

Thanks again everyone!

Yours truly,

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  1. MrWest's Avatar
    go ryan! a great teacher and player
  2. coLFireZerg's Avatar
    good job, have a high five and a chocolate milk buddy =]. who's the man? you the MAN!