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On being mugged.

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I find it somewhat amusing now that one of the big stories coming out of ESL in Germany is hostile getting beaten and mugged, as I have my own mugging story to tell.

Last night I was doing laundry, and I was on my way, as I often do (It's a 24-hour laundromat about a block or two from my house). As I'm walking down the street, I hear someone coming up very quickly behind me. I turned around, and some random guy throws his arm around me, in a buddy-buddy sort of fashion. All of a sudden, he starts going for my wallet, and as I'm resisting and trying to get him away, he intimates he has a gun. I, desiring very much to NOT be shot, relinquish him the wallet, and he walks off with it. I was in shock when I got home, but as I walked up the stairs, very large amounts of highly unmanly tears soon followed.

I'm paranoid now. I look at everyone, thinking, "Maybe that's the guy. Or that one." I'm afraid to go outside at night now. Everyone in my family, and lots of my friends have been really reassuring, asking if I'm ok, and basically saying, "We're very happy you're alive and safe. It must have been the scariest thing ever." ProTip: It was. The NYPD detectives on the case have been good to me, though we all just want to see the guy pinched for what he did to me.

But basically, I'm more off-kilter than normal, and here's the story why.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Glad you're ok man.
  2. AlbeL's Avatar
    yeah its good that you're safe man, hope they get that guy soon.
  3. VoidOfEnigmas's Avatar
    carry a knife with you. Its what I do.
  4. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    Man ive had a gun pointed to my face a few times never over taking my wallet just a lot of dumb stuff it does make u think differently about ppl. But the fact is i never really think about these times ive had before. So really i dont get scared very often even tho i have seen bad outcomes a few times, maybe thats why because i have seen the bad bad bad things and im not just talking about someone just hold a gun but the blast of it. When i first saw it i was like what u said didnt want to leave my house pretty much. But now ive come to understand that it was a thing that a lot of other people go through everyday.
  5. Billy@Brooklyn's Avatar
    What part of The Bronx are you in? That sucks that happened to you. It's stuff you gotta look out for. Good luck trying to find the guy who robbed you.
  6. c0k3's Avatar
    sucks :/
  7. JetBlk's Avatar
    Glad you made it ok bro.
  8. SmokyTheClown's Avatar
    After getting jumped/mugged it can be really scary to go outside at certain times, but you just gotta tough it out or they win :P