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Laptop Down!

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So lately our apartment has been undergoing some severe re-wiring as we're getting AT&T U-Verse capability in this part of our neighborhood. At 2pm today, my laptop suffered a fatal heart attack during a power surge (surge protector apparently wasn't very protecting). As you can guess this leaves me with no way to be mobile and continue to edit. This also leaves me with no laptop for classes that are approaching rapidly. With bills/groceries/rent draining most of my income I'm turning to the gaming community to try and raise enough to buy a semi decent laptop ASAP. I'm willing to do pretty much anything that'll make a few bucks (I'm completely negotiable on pricing, I normally wouldn't even ask for money if I wasn't in this situation). So if you need any of the following (and more!) please don't hesitate to pm me.

-COTW's (For ESEA & Such, Any game ranging from CS-CSS-TF2-Quake-SC2)
-Full or Mini Movie's (These take time, remember that.)
-Full Video Conversion's of your SC2 replays.
-Tips, Tricks, or Tutorials on different parts of editing.
-Random Video Work Etc.
-I also have full quality Bungie Pro for those Halo players that really want to get their clips out there. I'm looking at you MLG players.

Some of the players/companies I've worked with recently include:
-compLexity (obviously ;P)
-Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert
-Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
-grid05 (currently SK.US)

I'm reachable 24/7 at [email protected]
Or on my personal YouTube, which has a bunch of clips from different games I've edited.
Thanks in advance to anybody that can help.

TLDR: My laptop died, I'll make you a movie/cotw/logo/intro for negotiable amounts of money to buy a new one.


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    Ugh that stinks bro. We'll be sure to keep you busy