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So, I wanted to write a blog about my XBOX. Really my XBOX just sits on the TV stand right next to my TV. It pretty much does nothing for me except maybe once and a while a DVD will go in it, just sometimes when its really late or I feel like watching a movie. To me the XBOX live really is not doing to much for me. I understand there is a LOT of good games on the XBOX but really to me it compares nothing to the PC. However, it is fun to jump on XBOX live just to own someone really fast in a game of Unreal tourny 3, because its very simple to just go hey I want to play a FFA match right now, well BOOM there ya go 3 sec later your in a match playing. Not waiting like on the PC for people to come in.... So I thought to myself " MYSELF IF I THINK LIKE THIS AND DONT USE MY XBOX THIS MUCH, THERE HAS TO BE OTHERS LIKE THIS, AS WELL."
There for I wrote a BLOG about this. Is there others like me that bought this 400 dollar DVD player as well, or did I really just buy into the hype of a XBOX. Just want some others to say "I do the same thing with mine" So I dont feel so bad paying so much for a DVD player. HeHe

-kZR aka PeaKZ

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  1. clone1hp's Avatar
    ha i bought an xbox after Christmas and i love it because im a halo fan and weird enough in the short 3 months that ive had it im actually dominating the mlg league ive found a team and i am attending the LANs. but in actuality do miss 1.6 and the competition of cevo main i still play alot and scrim but yah...
  2. KateEdge's Avatar
    lol! im the exact same way! D: I play a dvd once in a while, but its been forever since ive played a game on it. haha .
    PC > XBOX
  3. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
  4. KateEdge's Avatar
    i try.

    lol >;p
  5. MrCool's Avatar
    I never use my 360/wii/ps3 just sits collecting dust. =[
  6. jose's Avatar
    To be honest, I never used my xbox after I got bored of COD4/Halo3. So A couple months later after I stop playing I decided to get my xbox modded to download and burn games. I now love it and play it A LOT.
  7. analyze's Avatar
    The internet is addicting and brings way too much to the table...
  8. Tilley's Avatar
    I did the exact same thing with a Wii, but I don't use it at all.
  9. LiN's Avatar
    I guess you just have to find the right game. I don't play mine THAT much but occasionally you need a break from the PC and switching to a console is perfect for that break. Countless times I have played CS for maybe 3 hours and just been warn out, then hop on the XBOX and into a NBA 2K9 game and then right after I'm refreshed. I can CS again!
  10. CaliJared's Avatar
    I mostly use my Xbox for Soul Calibur 4 and streaming videos from my computer (My favorite feature of the Xbox).
  11. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    Well if i get some money soon which i will, i might hook it up to my monitor then try modding as well see what happens.