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Berlin - Practices

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Hey guys!

First i would like to personally thanks all our sponsors and guys that made this trip to germany possible.

We got the best conditions for practicing here and I already see a big improvement on our game.

Its our 5th day here and I can resume all what we have been doing here in 4 words. Wake up, eat, practice and sleep to wake up again. LOL

We are practicing against the best teams in the world. Fnatic, EG, SK, Lions, Navi and others. This is being really helpful.

Tomorrow we pretend to visit cool places here at Berlin. We are thinking about the zoo, the wall and i personally want to go to a museum too.

Its already late here and I need to go because we are going to wake up really early tomorrow.

We already booked a practice against a french team after coming back. This is probably our last practice.

Also would like to say that from now we are going to send pictures, video and stuff from all the places we are going trough this trip in these last days.

Really excited to play IEM and I know that we will do great.


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  1. bAst's Avatar
    boa sorte pra vcs ae!!!
  2. 1's Avatar
    Really proud of how hard you guys have been working. Great stuff! Enjoy a couple days off and get ready for the big event!
  3. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    this is so awesome.... best of luck guys!
  4. wizardvlk's Avatar
    nice fallen !
    best luck !
  5. JaX's Avatar
    Best of luck guys, glad to hear you are practicing hard.
  6. williambzt's Avatar
    go guys!
  7. stalife's Avatar
    do work~~