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So soon I KNOW...

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Hey guys , I really hate to do it, but right now the family needs me to get a job. I really hate to leave so soon but ya gotta do wat ya gotta do. Its been such a good time, and such a SHORT time. I really hate to leave like this but as i said stuff is just to rough right now. I hope after i get a good job I can come back and work again for coL. The passion I have for esports is HUGE. But right now I need to be helping the FAM out. GL guys go get em coL i know you guys will do well in all the games your in. Jason and AMIES thank you so much for letting write for you guys. As I said i hope i can come back one day after i get some stuff in order. Ill come and check the site out when i get some time for sure. GL GUYS again thanks see ya all another time.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Thanks for your help! You're welcome back when things settle down.
  2. Jericho's Avatar
    good meeting u hope your back soon
  3. TeNneT's Avatar
    Good luck man!