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Zeppelin's Update : 2

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Good evening!

Well, for Spring Break, I'm visiting my mother and grandmother in Pennsylvania. However, due to some stupid judgement, my dad would not allow us to bring along any video games. I'm here without my Xbox and PlayStation. My grandmother's computer doesn't have Steam, and neither does my father's laptop. So I'm also stuck without Source or Team Fortress 2.

I've seen that there's a LAN center within the small town's vicinity, so I'll try and go over there and see how things go. If not, then I'll find a way to get Steam or something and play some Source.

I've got homework to do too which sucks. Right now, I'm just on my grandma's computer playing Yahoo! Pool.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Need a iPhone or DS! Mobile gaming!
  2. Zeppelin's Avatar
    Yeah, I don't want an iPhone for 3 reasons.

    1. Hella expensive.
    2. My plan is with T-Mobile.
    3. It's growing too commercial.

    More people have them now and it makes me not want one. Also, everybody in my family has a DS, except for me. I'm considering a Nintendo DSi once that comes out, but who knows...