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Travel Season is BACK!

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Today starts the travel season for 2011! I will be heading to PAX East with Jason Bass and Alex Conroy. I love to drive, so I will be driving to Boston with Alex, BUT the only crappy part is it is pouring rain.

This is my first PAX event and I am pumped to go. I haven't been to Boston since I was little, so it will be good to see parts of the city and of course I will be wearing a YANKEE hat all day! Another thing I am looking forward to is meeting all the guys I played counter-strike with for years.

I will be tweeting pics from the event all weekend, my twitter is @scott_ford

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Have a great trip! Looking forward to the tweets
  2. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    yankee hat? gross. have fun wish i coulda beent here!
  3. GeRm's Avatar
    i have to say its going to be hard to be seen with you in boston but i cant wait