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da bears

Long week

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After coming back from Kode5 let me tell you I had a BLAST! Spending a week in TX is fun, even though it was 50s all week and raining every day . Oh well thats not even the important part. The best part was seeing all my friends again. Boot camping was a blast, we got so much accomplished that I can't wait until the next boot camp. As for kode5 tourney, we still have a long ways to go, even though its a bit relieving that we are improving every time we play. We still made too many mistakes and that eventually cost us a map against x3o. We learned a lot at this tourney and the future looks bright for us. A funny story at waffle house, Justin should upload his video on what happend. Lets just say it involved middle aged lesbians looking for something....... haha PZZ

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  1. onesix's Avatar
    Haha. I'd love to see that video!
  2. fawnz's Avatar
    Haha, me too. Upload it sunman!

    GJ at kode5 boys
  3. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Justin capturing everything on video haha
  4. Loki's Avatar
    I funking love this shiz.

    Rofl @ your thumbs up pic
  5. Bossi's Avatar
    Nice read
    Justin better upload this video as there is obviously a public demand.
  6. Hayo's Avatar
    Did it by any chance involve syrup?
  7. msL's Avatar
    hehe nice!
  8. vnM's Avatar
    Hahahah, why does everything happen at Waffle House. Like with kmode and the robbery hahahahah. Glad you guys had fun! Thats what it is all about.
  9. lkyrog's Avatar
    gotta see that video....come on justin, share it with us.