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I'm excited

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My editing I was struggling with not wanting to put a lot of effort in because I couldn't get my quality right and everything just felt off. My friend comes over a couple days ago and installs Unreal Tournament 3 on my computer which tells me I have bad drivers. He finds new drivers and bam everything looks a crapload better. Made the kode5 movie seemed almost everyone here liked it and I got a +24 on gotfrag like the first time gotfrag has been positive to me. Expect to see some cool cotw's coming with good transitions and HLTV fly bys. I'm going to pretty much make them without text from now on cause no matter what text I put no one likes it. Hopefully you guys are looking forward to it :)

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  1. drayp11's Avatar
    Good luck, cant wait to see more from you
  2. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Keep it up. No matter what you do in life it always gets better the more you practice.
  3. Rainman's Avatar
    good! -just a random tip.. if you can get at least 1 spot(multiple times would be AMAZING) in your videos where you can edit a clip to fit perfectly with a strong part to a song, it adds so much more feeling to the entire video... not many editors can figure that out very well.
  4. Monk's Avatar
    keep it up, dont let people get you down, you've improved a lot and I personally enjoy watching your clips, practice makes perfect
  5. JaX's Avatar
    Keep it up, its a growing process.
  6. zid's Avatar
    keep it up, cotw > no cotw