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JMC to coL

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As many of you have probably heard this "rumor" floating around I have too. The rumor is JMC will move to coL and they will unite as one. Two great managers merging under one developed name. But is the team they have where they need to be is the question.

After a few weeks of watching JMC in action I was very disappointed. There play was not up to the "standards" everyone was expecting them to be at. That being said they are just getting back into the swing of things for one, and for two they are a brand new team with really bad chemistry. But with play comes chemistry. It is not easy to transfer from game to game in an instance.

What should we expect to see over the course of the next few months if this "merge" really does happen? In my opinion, one of the top, if not the best NA team. We will see a new rival make-shift EG vs coL, the new 3D vs coL rival. You should plan on seeing an extremely amazing team coming from two of the best and most well known managers in e-sports history.

Another little "rumor" to this whole story is rambo being added into the mix. In place of who is the question. I will not state my opinion on who I believe he should go in for but yet another source has told me rambo -> db. Again, that is not my opinion. All I have left to say is Method and Volcano will pick it up and this team will make it to the top. They will trip up a bit along the way, but at the end of the day it is hard work and good communication backed by two excellent managers that will pay off.

Hats off to you compLexity, excellent website. Best wishes, the fan base will follow you every step of the way.

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COMPLEXITY 09 - Jordan

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  1. drop's Avatar
    JMplCity 09
  2. 1's Avatar
    JMC definitely has a strong squad and I think people have been too hard on them. When coL.cs returned in July that squad took around 2.5 months to get back into shape. Just takes time and hard work.
  3. analyze's Avatar
    Yup, I completely agree!
  4. cK5's Avatar
    my honest opinion is i like method > sunman then method > db
  5. Portland's Avatar
    My personal opinion is the same as Jake's. Do I think jmc will rise to the top after a couple months? I think it will take awhile to shake off the rust, I have a feeling it may take a long time. Who knows, maybe we will be surprised when col picks up two teams instead of just jmc, like EG has! I can't wait to see who cols picks up whether it be jmc or someone else.
  6. Viper's Avatar
    what "new 3d"?
  7. analyze's Avatar
    the new 3D vs coL rival.

    Meaning the rival will be like the old 3D vs coL

    it is the NEW rival like 3d vs coL if that makes sense to you.
  8. scott's Avatar
    i have been disappointed by jmc thus far as well. i honestly don't know if some of these guys can dust it off and get back into peak shape. i mean look at their lineup, half the team was already on the decline in 1.6 before jumping to source (db, sunman, volcano). as much as i love sunman, i have been very disappointed by his performances over the last ~week. but, we'll see, if everyone can fully recover and get back into top shape they will definitely battle EG for the top north american spot.
  9. analyze's Avatar
    If you enjoyed my blog please click Subscribe and rate the blog. I will be blogging a ton on coL's website.
  10. deLay's Avatar
    Sounds gud to me... After e-@thletes I liked rambo ALOT less than I already did, but we'll see..
  11. cobbie's Avatar
    why JMCOL why not coL.3D
  12. Lither's Avatar
    Why not !
  13. dsl's Avatar
    Am i the only person hopeing this move doesnt happen? I mean it would be good an all but im hopeing for a whole new coL maybe some 3D players or something. If JMC goto coL then thats one less team in the competitive scene in NA!
  14. Sryinex's Avatar
    I was just hoping to see Ksharp back in the mix. He looked absolutely amazing the couple of times he played after CGS died.
  15. Spikey00's Avatar
    I will welcome anyone to the community.
  16. Viper's Avatar
    Has there been any word of 3d getting back together?

    Personally i would absolutely LOVE to see dominator, shaguar and rambo come to col, i know it wont happen, but with their skills and Jasons dedication/management it would be unstopable
  17. Hsi3h's Avatar
    sry to break it to you Viper but shag will nvr be playing cs again but rambo has a much better chance of coming back.
  18. dsl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Viper
    i know it wont happen

    *5 character limit*
  19. eCurb's Avatar
    From what i've heard over at GotFrag; Shag has found a new hobby in hockey and is now in a relationship.

    He also turned down an offer to rejoin GRT in some Canadian style CS.