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My first PC event. (MLG Dallas part 1)

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Hello everyone, most of you don't know me seeing how I am relatively new to this extraordinary community. I am also really knew to PC gaming in general. First let me start with who I am, what gaming history I have and my expectations going into MLG Dallas.

My name is Ryan "Scriptix" Reeves, or known more as Qtpie on SC. Scriptix has been my handle since Halo 3 came out. I come from a console background and a semi-successful at that. I went to many tourneys for Halo 3 and never actually one one but always placed top 4 at locals and got top 32 at MlG's. Needless to say I have alot of tournament experience.

Towards the release of SC2 I was pretty excited about the game. I was introduced into Broodwar at a very young age and only played for fun and very rarely. So because of this I wanted to get into the competitive scene with SC2. Plus my halo career was ending since my team broke up and we lost our sponsor. Now I started playing when the game came out but only have been competitive since December of 2010. Went from Bronze to Diamond and now soon to be Masters. I am practicing very hard for MLG and don't expect to get first rounded.

Going to MLG Dallas I am not expecting to win, but also not doing the worse. I have alot to prove to myself and others. I am trying my hardest to go pro at this game and my ultimate goal to have "coL" in front of my tag. This is a two part blog and the second part will come after my experiences at Dallas. For those who are attending, I look forward to meeting you all and hope to get to know people from the community better!

Thanks for reading and best of luck to everyone and their endeavors!

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  1. Antimage's Avatar
    Hey Ryan, hope to see you at Dallas! going from Bronze to Diamond (and to Masters) is a huge accomplishment and I hope you make it really far.

    Be sure to come meet and talk with us when at Dallas!
  2. 1's Avatar
    See you there man! GL!
  3. claymore's Avatar
    Good blog but I was most excited to find out in the comments that the red tie was making an appearance

    EDIT: what race are you playing at mlg?
    Updated 03-19-2011 at 09:06 PM by claymore (question)
  4. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    Best of luck training... seeya at mlg mate!
  5. Scriptix's Avatar
    Thanks everyone cant wait to meet you all, It is going to the awesome!
    Claymore, I am a Protoss player.
  6. Zeppelin's Avatar
    I feel special because from what I was told yesterday, I was the only other person wearing a Complexity t-shirt.

    Hope you did well though!
  7. Scriptix's Avatar
    I didn't have one, but I was around and annoying them alot haha
  8. Zeppelin's Avatar
    I didn't spend too much time around SC2, so I only got to talk to 'em once. I was mainly spending time around Halo and Call of Duty.