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Going into MLG

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April is a big month..Needless to say, MLG is going to be the first big tournament that I'll enter in April. This will be my very first MLG appearance. The last thing I would want to hear is "It's okay, this was your first MLG, you can do better at the next one now that you have some experience!"

I feel like my performance at MLG will set the tone for rest of the big tournaments in April. I want to do well and maintain the momentum. I want to make an impact as a player and MLG is going to be the first step.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Antimage's Avatar
    Good luck. If anything, I'll be meeting you in the final bracket, not the LB

  2. Scriptix's Avatar
    GL, Ill be there as well playing till I get knocked out then cheering for coL!
  3. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    googogog stalife fightingggggggggg

    we shall all put on a show
  4. 1's Avatar
    Can't wait!
  5. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Going to be a great weekend!
  6. JaX's Avatar
    you got this buddy
  7. Rakura's Avatar
    StaLife we will see you there sir and good luck. Don't forget to say hi ^.^
  8. TeNneT's Avatar
  9. mavsfan0041's Avatar
    I'm 95% sure I'm going to this one :3 I'll be looking for you guys to sign something for me... either a mousepad or my copy of SC2 I'm not sure which one yet. I love autographs Good luck guys!
  10. Ryze's Avatar
    Good luck sta and everyone else going... wish I could be there to. I'll be cheering you guys on at home watching the stream!
  11. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    omggggggggggggggg 2 more days til we in dallas... im so pumped
  12. TeNneT's Avatar
    i'm gonna miss day 2 of mlg =/ but i'll be watching day 1!