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Is NASL the answer? What should we expect.

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The question being, Is NASL the answer to the downturn of PC gaming in the US? The answer being rather simple... Yes. The North American Star League is one of the most brilliant and exciting things that has happened in North America since The CGS. And yes, I know you might be reading this thinking, "Really? The CGS Sucked! There was no 1.6." I used to think that way too. With the implementation of NASL, I realize what CGS really was and what they meant to the community.

NASL is the new hope for revival of gaming in the US and I believe it is that all important bridge between ESEA and CGS. It was the skipped transitional step that could have brought more people on board with the CGS.

The format of NASL reminds me a lot of current day sports, except instead of teams you have individuals. They take the best individuals and put them into divisions and conferences. I have yet to see a league do this as well as NASL. Although, I do not really follow MLG much so maybe I am a bit off.

If NASL succeeds, as many people think it will, what is the next step of improvement? In my opinion, the next step for NASL is EXPANSION. But how? There are two ways to expand, attempt to get NASL on mainstream TV like the CGS was or even to bring in new games. The problem with NASL bringing in new games is there really are no other games worthy of their own individual league. And the problem with mainstream TV is gamers who want to watch Starcraft 2 know about NASL and are already following it over JUSTIN.tv, so is mainstream TV even worth the cost?

I know that was a whole lot of random stuff thrown into a blog, but the main point of this post is that yesterday marked a new day for USA's PC Gaming. It was the start of the future for PC gaming and it set the standards for what to expect from new competitive games.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Definitely enjoying all the matches! SC2 is reviving N.A. eSports in a big way
  2. analyze's Avatar
    Agreed. Even though I will probably only watch a few matches a week I bought the HD pass to show my support.
  3. claymore's Avatar
    I think that trying to expand into different games would be a terrible decision on NASL's part at this point. Bringing the Starcraft2 scene into the mainstream should be their objective. By doing this, hopefully there will be an actual demand for other competitively viable games and if that critical mass of users/viewers is reached, developers will actually start catering to the competitive audience, whereas now they only go for the lowest common denominator (nubs/casuals). I think starcraft 2 is an amazing example of how a game can have a competitive and casual side that satisfies both crowds fully. Casual players, even if they suck at the game, can spectate matches and get the same or similar satisfaction they would get out of playing.

    tl;dr Don't pickup other games. Make starcraft 2 so popular that developers actually TRY and develop for the competitive scene again.

  4. Kallozar's Avatar
    ALOT of People are watching NASL mainly due to big names like Moon, Grubby, Nada, SlayerS_Boxer, and JulyZerg being in the league. I mean I wouldn't watch it if they weren't part of the league XD. I wish more big name Koreans moved over to SC2. Too bad Savior was involved in the match fixing scandal. He would of been the best Zerg in SC2 instead of getting crushed by Flash, Bisu, Stork and Jaedong in BW when he wasn't fixing matches.

    On the otherside yes, NASL is improving the E-Sports Scene in the US. I wish they would add lots more players and make it a huge event so every Korean that plays SC2 would be going crazy over a spot and it would also allowing retiring BW players to move to SC2.
  5. analyze's Avatar
    Claymore, I guess what I meant to say is what if this is like MLB and then other companies (when the new games come out) create other leagues like NFL and NBA. You know what I mean?