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Post-MLG thoughts

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Here's my long over-due thoughts on MLG Dallas experience.

The whole atmosphere was new. The venue, the 3 day tournament setup, the hotel, hanging out with teammates, grabbing dinner/beer with teammates, meeting the management. It was awesome meeting my teammates, ex-teammates, friends from online. I got to meet players I play against online... players from FXO (moonan, sheth, slog, optikzero), EG (machine, incontrol, idra, axslav, strifecro), fnatic (xeris, kawaiirice, fenix, gretorp), and Vile (hashe, kris, entity). It was a really fun experience. Some of those people I used to play with almost 8~10 years ago (the vile guys). I'm sad I didn't take more photos.

Meeting my team was great too.
-Scott was funny, matured, and dedicated.
-Mr. Jason Bass looks like a movie star.
-Mr. Jason Lake is awesome at giving pep talk and I'm glad I joined team complexity.
-Cruncher's funny and adorable. Too bad he didn't play to his usual self due to being sick. He didn't stop coughing.
-Vic couldn't stop snoring
-RSVP has scary pool skills
-Ryan almost got mugged.
-Joshy was just as I imagined. Very real and friendly.

I'm really glad that the team dinner was at Y.O Ranch even though it was super expensive. It was well compensated by $1 McChickens though. Too bad cruncher couldn't make it.

I guess my poor performance at MLG really disappointed me. It was entirely my fault for not practicing tvt. I played like crap vs cocoa, and just got way too nervous playing vs naama. My goal was to get into the championship bracket and beat someone famous on stage, but I failed to do both. I gotta practice so I don't repeat MLG Dallas 2011 ever again.

PS. I chewed on stride gum every match so I don't get nervous. Something like this seems to really calm my nerves down.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Wait, wait, wait.. Jason Bass looks like a movie star? I think you got him mixed up with someone else!
  2. TeNneT's Avatar
    awesome! I can't wait for columbus since i'm getting to go! gonna be awesome to watch and cheer everyone on
  3. coLFireZerg's Avatar
    ahh ur making me so sad i missed this =[
  4. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Bass is like Leo DiCaprio meets Brad Pitt meets Bradley Cooper. No homo and I don't honestly know if those men are 'attractive,' it's just what I've HEARD.
  5. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    everybody has a nice compliment about them.............................................. . then i almost got mugged

    but in all seriousness this was a blast of a weekend and i felt like we really got closer as a team!
  6. rsvp's Avatar
    I don't think Vic snoring is a nice compliment either. Right before we were going to sleep Vic was like "yo guys just warning you, I snore kk?" And we're like "npnp" but then 2 minutes later the ground started shaking it was ridiculous I've never heard anyone snore so loud before
  7. Antimage's Avatar
    LOL cant help it, i dont think theres anything i can do about it. I'll make it up to u by cuddling with u next time okay?

    Yea, the stride gum really helped - when I had it, I found I played and relaxed better.
  8. TeNneT's Avatar
    are you sure you guys weren't sleeping in a spaceship?