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MLG Columbus!

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Hello everyone, this past weekend was a blast!! where do I begin..

First there was the long trip from Toronto to Columbus that took me 11 hours on the greyhound!! O_O

During this trip I met up with Gerbil from elven gaming and we talked about Zerg strategies and how hyped we were for the event, luckily I had my laptop with me as well so i was able to kill some time watching replays before my batter eventually died.

Upon finally arriving in Columbus I had an awkward moment getting off the bus where i met the rest of the elven gaming team that was at the event, one of them being xiSlurgi who just a week before the event said he was going to punch me in the face when I showed up :P However he turned out to be a pretty cool guy so there was no drama there...

Next I finally got to meet everyone! I got to the hotel and was first introduced to Popcorn, Twixz and Scriptx aka qtpie, Cruncher was there to but was asleep! so i didn't speak to him until later on that night when we got back from the sports bar where I met Yuenanimous and all the guys from ESFI world.

When I got back to the hotel I met rsvp who was playing ladder on his laptop at max volume dispite the slumbering cruncher.. who would wake up once we began to chat with each other, this turned out to be a mistake because cruncher would not go back to sleep once he woke up! >_<
I didn't meet firezerg and stalife until the day after due to their wacky plane schedule and then needing rest.

The rest of the weekend was a total blur, seeing esports live for the first time was an awesome experience, the players, the casters, and the managers from all the teams and the admins who set up online events I met alot of people who ive known online for awhile which was fun. There was a lot of energy and a general positive attitude in the air everywhere you went that just made everything fun.

I will be writing another blog later about my experience in the tournament itself but for now id just like to thank everyone on the team who was at the event I had a really great time with all of you and cant wait to do it again in Anaheim ( you to scriptx! gl in the academy I know you can do it! ).


P.S don't order pizza in Columbus it takes 3 hours to arrive to your hotel room.

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  1. Scriptix's Avatar
    Aww ♥ I will be working hard! Awesome meeting you at MLG man, Just makes me want to be apart of the team even more! coL is full of amazing people.
  2. CrunCher's Avatar
    P.S don't order pizza in Columbus it takes 3 hours to arrive to your hotel room.

    "..hello i ordered a pizza from you a while ago?"
  3. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    im so jelly
  4. strength's Avatar
    glad to see you had a great time =]
  5. Antimage's Avatar
    BM julian playing at max volume...
  6. Yuenanimous's Avatar
    Hey man it was a real pleasure meeting you at MLG. Just talking with you and the rest of the coL crew has really improved my game. I'm expecting to see some great results at Anaheim. Keep up the great work!