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The Search For Peter

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Catz, Minigun, Trimaster, and myself were playing 4v4 July 1st, 2011. At approximately 2 AM CDT, we came across a team with a player named Peter.

Many of you might be wondering why we are searching for this Peter...It all started with us finding the weakest link for Minigun to nuke, and we figured if you named yourself after a real life name, you must be the weak link. After proceeding to kill ~52 units with 2 nukes, we thought Peter was out.

But we were wrong.

He macro'd back up like a champ, and supplied his allies with resources to use carriers, voidrays, phoenix, stalkers, roaches, and infestors to take us out in a 35~ minute game on Megaton.

Because of our loss to Peter, we ended up placing in Diamond, instead of Masters.

Peter, if you see this, know, we will find you.

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  1. Twixz's Avatar
    Where is peter??
  2. strength's Avatar
    lol @ that..
  3. rsvp's Avatar
    Sorry Ryan you are the weak link according to Cruncher =/
  4. 1's Avatar
  5. MrDudeMan's Avatar
    This post remind me of the BGH Day9 daily. And LOL at the shot at Ryan.
  6. CatZ's Avatar
    WHERE ARE YOU PETER?! what's amazing is every matched saved on our matchlist except for this one
  7. coL|aMies's Avatar
    What a legend
  8. mechavoc's Avatar
    Peter will be found haha!
  9. furryturtle's Avatar
    VOD pls!