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Plans, and MLG Orlando (update on myself)

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Hey guys I know its been a while which gave me more reason to blog! Since MLG Columbus I know I have disappeared from the Starcraft scene. Well this is primarily because I have been putting most of my time and effort into becoming a personal trainer. As I am writing this blog I am only one more chapter and a weeks worth of review before I schedule my test to be taken. I am super excited to become a personal trainer, it will be such a morally rewarding job. Also during my completion I will be making my return to Starcraft to pursue my dream and goal of becoming pro once again!
In pursuit of my goal later this week I will resume practice at an accelerated rate to catch back up to everyone. I have been out of practice for a little over a month now and its time to shake off the rust and get back to work!
I will be attending MLG Orlando in hopes of performing better than I ever have at any previous tournament I have entered for Starcraft. Better believe that my results will impress many ^^
Even though my placements have been pretty horrible at the MLGs I have attended, I have had the chance to meet some really awesome people and most of which are from complexity. I still remember meeting Mr. Lake at Dallas, unforgettable times at that event. Columbus was pretty awesome as well chilling in the hotel with cruncher, rsvp, ryze, and firezerg. Everyone from Complexity has shown the up most kindness to me when I have met them.
Anyways, this was just my update on my life and the current state of it and my future plans. Good luck to everyone at Anehiem, save trip there and back home as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone again at Orlando and I will be ready to blow some minds at that tournament.

Thanks for reading <3
Ryan " Scriptix" Reeves

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  1. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Good luck on the test. Let me know when you are ready to get owned in Sc2
  2. 1's Avatar
    Good to hear from you Scriptix!