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The SC2 Prophet

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I'm going to list out the things that will happen within the next two weeks (from July 22 to August 5th) because I'm tired of people saying "I knew this would happen".

1. a Korean will place #1 at MLG Anaheim. It'll be a Terran.
2. There will be a thread on TL about how dominant Koreans are yet again, yet they did produce amazing quality games.
3. A foreigner is going to join a Korean progaming team and people will be flaming about whether he deserves the spot or not.
4. 2 NA-based teams will announce that they will drop at least 1 player from the roster
5. Strelok is going to stop doing his "new project"
6. There will be a thread on TL regarding the need for Western SC2 scene to get a progaming house
7. Xsplit will still be free
8. Sheth will be RGNSheth
9. Nestea vs Losira grand finals for GSL code S
10. There's gonna be another blog and it'll have pictures of steaks.

I'll probably look like a dumbass in two weeks, but I'm sure you all would have forgotten that this blog was here.

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  1. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    HAHA this is hilarious. YES sungmin
  2. TeNneT's Avatar
    hahahahaha if you get 5+ of them right you should win something ^^
  3. Popcorn1's Avatar
    I know #10 is 100% true. #1 would be awesome if you were the Korean Terran!!
  4. Darthozzan's Avatar
    9 will come true and it will be yet another abysmal GSL finals. They really can't catch a break :P
  5. 1's Avatar
    haha the prophet, eh? We shall see!
  6. Tri's Avatar
    The prophet has spoken. Let it come to pass.
  7. strength's Avatar
    I honestly agree with everything on there.
  8. analyze's Avatar
    Everything but #8.. Hoping sheth comes here
  9. Twixz's Avatar
    people will look back on this in a hundred years (aka 14 days) and say "how did he know all this"
  10. CatZ's Avatar
    LOL twixz :P
  11. coL|HVK's Avatar
    Im going to Just http://www.futureme.org/ myself this article for 2 weeks from this date.. LETS SEE HOW RIGHT YOU ARE.

    nvm it has to be 30 days in the future