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Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro, compLexity.

My name is Yuhn, or Princess to my team, and I'm one of the newer coL.LoL members acting as one of the AP/AD carries. While I've gotten to know some other players here and there as well as community members, I've never gotten to say hi to all the fan and all the supporters. I've enjoyed my time with the team so far and as a team, we have been progressing quite well.

Currently, we are more of a sleeper team with fairly unknown players compared to the big names in League of Legends. Fear not, with more work, we will surely come out to being a name worth knowing in the competitive LoL scene. We will be coming out with more streamed games as well as some upcoming character guides to breed more interest and traffic for our League of Legends branch.

You guys can follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/Yuhnnie
Check out the stream at http://twitch.tv/Yuhn
Show me da RUVVV and like at http://facebook.com/Yuhnnie

I look forward to meeting everyone and we all go out for Bubble Tea!

<3 ~Yuhnnie

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  1. RicePanda's Avatar
  2. Nubypoohbear's Avatar
    what a princess...
  3. Scriptix's Avatar
    Awwww yeeeeaaa good hearing from you Yuhn. You guys will do great things!
  4. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    Report for feeding
  5. 1's Avatar
    Work hard!
  6. twigglez's Avatar
    bubble teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omnomnomz
  7. coL|aMies's Avatar
    I like your hair.
  8. Yuhn's Avatar
    Selling hair lessons. $10000/hr.
  9. GravyLeg's Avatar
    Oh, good I'll have a LoL stream to watch. Good luck. Don't feed.
  10. Nubypoohbear's Avatar
    me and yuhn smurf occasionaly. quite entertaining.