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Busy Busy Busy

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September is a month where everything goes from la-di-da to "What just happened?"

University has recently started up again and the courses are already getting into a ton of confusing stuff and soon homework will be fired at my forehead with a cannon every few minutes. I'm glad to be in school again, I just wasn't fully prepared for the battering ram knocking on my skull.

In League, the team is starting to get very busy as of late. We've been putting in more practice when we can and we have a lot of exciting matches coming soon. Tonight, WCG Last Chance Qualifier is on to get that last spot to go to Los Angeles to compete for the chance to represent the US in Korea come this December. I also am currently in the finals for WCG Canada with my own team as I am the sole Canadian on our League of Legends team. Good luck to the rest of my team in WCG USA and I hope our Canadian team makes it past these last few games.

Tomorrow is also the inaugural match of WellPlayed.org's Rampage, a King of The Hill type series where we will take on Rock Solid in a best of three series. Hopefully we can go far with this series and get the name of compLexity our there in the LoL community. We also have some more exciting stuff coming that we can't talk about just yet, but it shall be like fireworks. But probably not explosively colourful.

The slow pace of summer is over and now with school in session and a lot of major events starting to occur, the pace is quickly picking up again and I hope the rest of 2011 will be an exciting time for compLexity.

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  1. Scriptix's Avatar
    Aww yea, do it up Yuhn!
  2. ladyann's Avatar
    I always find drawing so amazing doing stuff like how to sketch and it always made me realize how fun it would be.