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Josegee, Alm0st, Chizz

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ya just go away. always gotta have a bad response. Sure I get annoyed time to time and go off but atleast I dont try to start arguments with every post :P

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  1. Rainman's Avatar
    please tell me you didn't mean to post this as a blog
  2. vinu3l's Avatar
    Nice blog =D
  3. VoidOfEnigmas's Avatar
    I didn't mean to post this as a blog
  4. Tilley's Avatar
    lol, I just don't have anything else to say
  5. jose's Avatar
    I feel loved.
  6. VoidOfEnigmas's Avatar
    you should feel hated
  7. alm0st's Avatar
    LOL. Just sounds like you're picking out the people that don't like your shitty videos. People like me, sorry. :]
  8. lkyrog's Avatar
    TBH-Might want to look in the mirror lately VOE
  9. Psych's Avatar
    lkyrog, You, sir, are a genius. VoE, it's time for you to check yourself. Seriously, even when these guys don't "bash" you, you snap at them. Also, with the people that just stand by, you are not making yourself look any better (actually tons worse) by doing dumb shit like this. All chizz has done is beat you fair and square in YOUR challenge, and agree with others that criticize your videos. VoE, I really think you need to buck up and be a man. This stupid childish shit is getting annoying.