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Switching Things Up

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I'm not often a blogger, but I'm interested in the opinions of others.

I have just officially decided to take a break in my college education, receiving my Associates of Science in a little over a month. I've been just barely making my bills, and decided that until the job market improves, there's no need to rush through college and get my Bachelors. Instead, I plan on actually making enough money to easily cover my expenses, and have some money saved up for when I do go to the University of Tennessee Knoxville. As it stands, I will only be taking a single semester off.

Here's where I'm looking for ideas. Right now I'm only working 15-20 hours a week for Crossmark (marketing/merchandising firm), basically scanning displays in Walmarts and Krogers. I could likely be moved to full-time, but since I work alone on all tasks, it's not exactly the most exciting work environment. I could also try to find a full-time position in a brick-and-mortar store, as I did work for Best Buy for four years before being "voluntarily terminated" because of my school schedule.

The other idea I've had is to get back into eSports journalism, or at least be somewhat involved in a paid position of sorts. Yes, I know it's not the easiest way to make money, and it's absurdly competitive -- I wrote for the Championship Gaming Series and did some minor articles for a local LAN team (both essentially for free) when they were both still around. I saw that Fnatic was hiring SC2 journalists, and even though they're looking for applicants with Bachelors degrees and higher as well as published work within the last three months, I'm going to go ahead and take a shot at it -- can't make a shot if you don't shoot, right?

After being around the Counter-Strike scene for 8 years, and the Starcraft scene since SC2 was released, it could just be a dream at this point. I feel like there has got to be an easier way to get involved with eSports. I'm probably wrong about that though.

-Steve "awakeN" Yeager

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  1. DrewFanboy's Avatar
    Good luck
  2. Yeager183's Avatar
    Thank you.

    In other news, Blizzard just released the list of internships for Summer 2012. More applications here we go.
  3. 1's Avatar
    Staffers for most organizations start as volunteer and then move up to small salaries but you never know- maybe there are some paid ones available
  4. Yeager183's Avatar
    They're tough to find without a doubt, but I think I've spent enough time outside of the loop and need to get myself back in -- paid position or not. Although my last work in eSports was with the CGS, the scene is still where my interests lie. No point in not trying to live the dream, right?
  5. Yeager183's Avatar
    So there was a shooting last night at one of the Walmarts I work each week. Let's just say I'm looking at moving to a different job once this semester is finished.

    Also, my gaming has pretty much come to a standstill thanks to constant connection problems on Comcast's behalf, so no work on SC2 promotions. -_-
  6. confire's Avatar
    Best of luck with everything!

    Oh and can't say it enough: Comcast is the DEVIL.

    (I'm from NorCal/Bay Area, and thank goodness I don't have to deal with them down here in SoCal.)
  7. Yeager183's Avatar
    Update: Two weeks of classes left until my break begins. It can't come quicker.

    Currently dealing with hardware problems thanks to ATI drivers not operating properly - for whatever reason the system wasn't kicking my fans up when necessary, and the card was idling at 80 degrees Celsius.

    In other news, my 1.6 team faces off against viGor Monday. We're coming off a 3-game losing streak (16-9, 16-12, 16-12) against teams 6-2 and better, and probably could've taken at least 2 of those games if we actually practiced lite (thanks, holidays). Oh well, big games going forward regardless.