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Start of Something New

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Practicing and playing with a new team can be off and on, getting used to everybody on how they play and how they act, it's rough. Nothing new with our team, we had arguments, we trolled each other, but now that it's over and everybody fits in great. During practice time we used to yell at each other for a bad play instead of talking about what we could have done better and think of new strategies, now everybody is really chill and plays to each others speed, and its been working really well.

Currently we as a team are still getting used to each other's play style, but we are improving heavily. We had our fair share of tournaments so far with the new roster, and we treated them as good practice sessions, and we learned a lot from them.

We as a team will continue to practice and wait for our first tournament win as a sign of our improvement, and use that momentum to rise to the top!

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    Looking forward to it!