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I don't like qxc's Blogs so I made a blog about his blogs, I particularly think the farewell Naniwa Blog was a little bit empty and not very rich in content, I read it entirely in about 10 seconds, and I felt like there was a void in my heart, asking for more... it just wasn't there, not at qxc's blog.

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  1. CatZ's Avatar
    crap, that was a forum thread wasn't it... T_T! bob saget
  2. coL|aMies's Avatar
    Yo, we heard you liked blogs, so we put a blog inside your blog.
  3. coL.qxc's Avatar
    mb if you actually read my blogs you would actually have meaningful criticism.
  4. Tri's Avatar
    catz can't read they're catz huehuehue
  5. drewbie's Avatar