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replay pack !

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OK here is a pack of the last 50 ladder games that I have played : )
I think that I stuck to doing 1 or 2 strategies per match-up, so if you are looking for strategies and looking to improve and see what to do in different situations this should help you out a lot !~

If you have any questions about the strategies that I used or are looking for advice on how to execute these build orders or are just wondering about my thought process in any game, please just post a question in this thread and I will try to check it every day and get back to you


err apparently megaupload.com got shut down so i re-uploaded to media fire lol

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Updated 01-19-2012 at 02:54 PM by drewbie



  1. brinker's Avatar
    Hey Drew. I am a mid-high Masters Terran and my best matchup is TvP. If you could, please give me some pointers or advice on my 'bread and butter' TvP build.

    14depot(make a wall)
    18raxx(same time as 2nd, no matter if he sees it or not)
    Command Center as you can afford
    Refinery (3 workers)
    Tech Lab on 2nd barracks after it makes 2 marines, immediate Conc shells aswel

    Make marines constant with the other two rax-push out at two marauders and deny his natural(dont push up ramp unless you know you can win or do significant damage-you dont want to lose the push especially the marauders)

    Play standard from here,factory tech immediately for heals/possible forced vikings getting 3 refineries up early to start upgrades/medivacs and making units accordingly to how he makes his.

    That is basically the build, and i win 75% of my TVP against master/grandmasters. I Have yet to optimize it(lol) but it seems to work great. If I could get your thoughts would be great. TY glhf
  2. drewbie's Avatar
    hmm it seems pretty good, do you just try and keep them on 1 base while you contain them and expand?
    do you build workers non-stop with this build or do you have to cut some?

    i bet you freewin vs 1 gate expo lol , you say that you generally with 75% of your tvp's when you lose is it because of 1 specific build that your opponent does or is it because you screw up ?

    i think 3 gate expo would be good against this build, FORCEFEILD T_T
    you probably have trouble against colossus or DT builds IF you don't attack and do any damage before they get out
  3. brinker's Avatar
    I usually do not contain the protoss after the initial push has hopefully denied his natural, as his expansion has been delayed enough for me to grab a solid lead into the midgame. If your oppoenent somehow crushes my initial push, he usually goes for a quick immortal bust if he has a robo, and I am forced to build bunkers and delay tech-even if I hold my natural somehow I'm still in a rough spot.

    Yes-I build workers non stop with this build, unless something goes horribly wrong and you are forced to cut them.

    1gate expo is a free win, 100% of the time, even if they somehow hold their ramp they are just so far behind at that point its irrelevant.

    When i lose, it is ususually a colossus 1base all in simply because your starport is pretty delayed with this build. I don't lose to DT's because if i don't know for sure what tech route hes going, I always save a scan.

    to be honest I don't usually see three gate expo very much, but when it does happen, I still usually deny the expansion unless he has a surplus of sentries and his expansion is delayed a bit. However with the cost of three gateways and a fast nexus on one base, Usually the opponent only takes one gas considerably early. This heavily limits the amount of sentries that can be implemented in the army without taking a heavy blow to the number of damage-dealing units that he can have when my timing hits. If i see a considerable amount of units defending his natural, and nothing in the main that suggests a huge timing attack, I take a fast third CC to get back ahead economically.

    and as i said above, DTs arent a problem for me anymore as I had some horrific experiances with them when i was in the lower leagues and have learned how to deal with them, but colossus allins are rough.

    sorry if i seem like im rambling on but wanted to answer everthing you asked lol, I bought SCII in mid august 2011, planning to blow off high school and no life it all the way to the pros, and it was the first RTS ive ever played, so if anything im saying isn't correct it is because I am inexperianced.

    thanks for taking the time to read and answer, means alot to me
  4. Crazystupid0's Avatar
    Hey drewbie, I'm a mid master terran player having a ton of trouble playing TvT when the opponent is going mech. How do you react to a mech player and have a chance at winning. I don't see how it's possible if they have vikings patrolling drop locations, turret rings, and planetaries.