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Twitter Launch Detected

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TLDR: I'm going live on Twitter: coL_Lake

An honest blog about Twitter, e-Fame and celebrity in eSports


Today I'm finally taking the plunge. I'm actually going to use the Twitter account I set up 3 years ago. Why in the world blog about it? Well there may be a few (we're talking maybe a dozen) people who will be curious why I've avoided the popular social media format for so long. Thus, a good reason to drop a blog on my favorite website.

For a variety of reasons (primarily the film "compLexity: Redemption") I was one of the first people in North American eSports to experience "e-Fame," as silly as the term is. At first it was kind of cool in a novel sort of way. My friends and family got a kick out of it when fans would recognize me at the mall or at a ball game. We laughed about it more than anything, realizing how odd it was to gain some notoriety out of running a video game team. Over a couple years I received thousands of emails and tens of thousands of private messages on IRC. It was often fun and even a bit gratifying that people admired your efforts and celebrated your successes.

However, as time wore on the novelty wore off and often times took a much darker side in several ways. On the surface level there were the daily, and often very brutal attacks on me personally. I have pretty thick skin but regardless how tough you think you are some comments do hurt and after thousands of them you tend to grow emotionally tired.

On a deeper level, I learned that the anonymity provided by the internet often brings out the worst in people. I had my family threatened on countless occasions. People would find my address and post it online. They'd DDoS my home internet so I could not work. They would give my cellphone number out to crank callers who would call me up to 50 times a day. Some monsters would tell me how they were going to rape my 5 year old daughter and burn my house down. At that point I really started asking why the hell I allowed myself to become a public figure in eSports. Don't get me wrong, anyone who knows me will tell you I wasn't scared - I'm not above putting a baseball bat by the front door - but it definitely wasn't cool and my wife was not happy about it.

Following this I went through a very difficult time in my personal life and of course there was the whole CGS project with the live TV cameras, constant interviews, etc. It's hard enough making mistakes in life (and I've made a ton) but having them scrutinized by hordes of people you don't know just isn't for everyone. Basically I had enough of public "e-Fame" and cut way back on my personal exposure, only doing a couple video interviews in recent years. Even today with different outlets for mainstream eSports (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc) the ones who choose to live public lives take a beating. Don't get me wrong- this isn't a whiney and desperate plea for civility towards public eSports figures. I'm not naive enough to think that will ever happen, and hey, it's part of what we signed up for.

I do feel, however, that with the new methods of communication and media come responsibilities for devoted managers and executives. We owe it to the organizations we love to have a voice and to utilize social media to spread the sound far and wide. I have known this for quite some time but now it's time for me to step up to the plate. It's time to join the madness that is Twitter and do what I can to help my 3rd child (compLexity) stay in touch with our fans and the community at large. I can't promise earth shattering excitement and comedy. I can't even promise I'll use it very often. I do, however, promise to be straight and take my beatdowns like a man (hopefully)! Oh, and you might find me hosting a weekly show sometime soon. Be gentle- I'm old.

Thanks for reading this long diatribe.

See you on Twitter.


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  1. Yeager183's Avatar
    Weekly show hmm? Sounds good.
  2. RiF's Avatar
    sweeet(except i dont use twitter lol)
  3. Quartz's Avatar