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Please Help

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Over the summer my 6yr old cousin was stabbed to death (over 10x) by my Aunt's ex bf. In court recently, he was found "not responsible" at the time, even though evidence found that he had planned this out. Regardless, he gets to go to a secure mental institution now because of it (and I knew him...he was perfectly capable of of knowing what he did was wrong...look at the evidence even). If he is found mentally ill (which he isn't) he will be sentenced to the facility for 2yrs at a time, if not...he will be released!! Released after murdering a 6r old! She was murdered right in front of her twin sister, and the older brother (8) also witnessed it. My family is a wreck and I am honestly just trying to help them reach out at this point....I've seen them go through too much. Thanks for any help.


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    Definitely post this on Reddit.
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    What would be the best subreddit to use? I'm on reddit all the time but have never posted my own article.
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