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Denmark blog 1

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So after roughly 16 hours of travel, I am in Denmark! I am going to make this blog brief, as I have not slept for two days and I am going to snag a nap for a few hours before rehearsal.

For those that may not know, I am here with an assortment of American gamers (Sunman, Barmoa, Master, Omega Elite) in a USA vs Denmark challenge for an E-sports festival/ TV pilot. We are all here and settled in with the exception of Omega Elite, who missed his connections due to his original flight being delayed. He will be spending the night in Atlanta solo and will fly in mere hours before the event.

As far as my trip, it went fairly smoothly (although I lost my sunglasses somewhere in my journey, which really pissed me off....I liked those sunglasses). The trip began in Dallas where Master and I boarded a plane for Atlanta. This first leg of the trip was uneventful as I slept the whole way and Manny took embarasing pictures of me on his DS. I do not look attractive when i sleep apparently.

The plan was to quickly hop over to our gate, once in Atlanta, and meet up with Barmoa. Unfortunatley, the people who designed the Atlanta airport don't understand the directional arrow system. We, as noobs in this airport, blindly followed the arrows directing us towards our gate, assuming it would lead us to...yes, our gate! After walking 5,000 feet (it had calculations) we ended up in baggage claim and had to go through security again. Outside of security there was an older gentleman with a 'I'm here to help!" tag on. When I explained what we had done and asked for directions, he literally spent 30 seconds laughing at our situation. I concluded that prick must have stole the tag from someone who was actually helpful. If anyone in Atlanta sees a kind older gentleman walking around the airport in a confused fashion, tell him the culprit is by the security gates.

We finally met up with Barmoa and grabbed food before boarding. For those that don't know Barmoa, he always has schemes. Barmo's latest scheme was to get us all into first class. He had a plan that was very simple. When boarding the plane, we would simply board last and immediatley occupy any open first class seats for our nine hour voyage. I was very much against the plan, fearing the embarassment if the actual customer came in later, and tried to claim their seat. When getting on the plane, Barmoa and Manny attempted this plot, only to join me in steerage about three minutes later. I will be honest though, for those three minutes, I was one jealous S.O.B.

The plane ride was literally the longest of my life. Ok, not literally, I've been on longer plane rides. Normally I sleep, but was unable too as Barmoa was scheming next to me, and whenever I tried to dose off, would ask me if I was going to sleep, in a matter that reminded me of a bitchy pre teen girl at a slumber party. Obviously, I took this as a challenge and did not sleep. My eyes have huge bags under them and I look like a crack head. Great plan JaX!! Just to let you know how long this flight was, I watched four movies, and we still had just over two hours to go. My iPhone died or else it would have been 5! Luckily, the in-flight TV was showing The Office, one of my favorite shows.

We landed and were picked up by Martin, the manager of MTW. He is the manager for the Danish team, and is a very pleasant and helpful person. We got to the hotel and Barmoa immediately took a nap. Master and I met up with Sunman and we went out to grab some food. There was a small outdoor cafe across the street from the hotel (which is a fairly nice, trendy boutique hotel in the center of Copenhagen. The location can't be beat and the guy at the front desk is a big CS fan). It was at this cafe that I made a very foolish spending decision, which I will chalk up to having not slept. The sandwiches were 98 kronas, which in my mind I interpeted as 12 bucks. A bit high I told myself, but, it's a city I don't know and I just want to eat then nap. Manny also felt 12 was high, and decided against purchasing a sandwich. Being the great guy I am, I decided to get a second sandwich for Manny and Justin to split. Justin, this entire time, is laughing in the corner. I paid for the two sandwiches and it came out to 233 krona. I sat down after purchasing, which is when Justin decided to inform me about my miscalculation, which he was aware of this entire time. The total for the two sandwiches, was 43 dollars. Yes my friends, for 2 sandwiches. I kept waiting for the bottle of wine or at least a lapdance, which was surely included in this price. Alas, it was for just two sandwiches. I can honestly say that's one of the most frustrating spending experiences of my life.

That's pretty much it guys. I am about to crash for a bit and then head over to the venue for a rehearsal. Pictures and Videos will be up asap- we are getting some great content for you guys. I am going to point out by the way, I did not spell check this. Meaning the first person who hops on any spelling mistakes...I think there is a guy at Atlanta airport you might be buds with.

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  1. Rainman's Avatar
    haha nice
  2. clone1hp's Avatar
    good read thous sandwiches are alot lol.
  3. 1's Avatar
    Hahahhaha... ATL airport pwned you guys.
  4. lkyrog's Avatar
    haha nice 1st blog from copenhagen Jax.....sure hope those sandwiches were good.....evil justin
  5. Eafra's Avatar
    that blog was fucking awesome.
  6. SeizeTheDay's Avatar
    lol I seriously just started laughing and I woke someone up in my bed over the ATL airport. Thank you I needed that. She however said stfu. But still great.
  7. weenus's Avatar
    The characterizations of everyone is dead on, Justin letting you pay 223 kronas, Bardy scheming, all it's missing is Manny sitting watching you spend that money and going "HA-HA! Hey Jax, how's that 45 dollar sandwich taste? HA-HA!"
  8. VoidOfEnigmas's Avatar
    i'm guessing the sandwhiches tasted like shit too lol
  9. IE_UltimateGamer31's Avatar
    $45 dollars for sandwhiches? Holy shit Batman! For that, I would expect someone to come out and at least give ya a reach around and say "thanks.....SUCKER!!!!!" Thats evil Justin..... EVIL!!!!
  10. Robo's Avatar
    DANG over 40 bucks for sandwhiches they better have been filling, and every bite should make you go OOOOOOHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!
  11. sunman's Avatar
    the reason i didn't tell him was because he only offered manny a sandwich at first :P im going to post my blog when we get back from dinner, my laptop has been out of battery *timeout* Or.... as i write this, Alex called my room and is demanding my blog before i fill my belly with food ( i didn't eat today yet and its like 10 or 11 here btw ). AHHHHHHHHHHHH HOW CAN I WRITE ON AN EMPTY STOMACHE :P wait.. im doing it now, doh!