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Picking Things Back Up

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Lately, we've been given more time to practice. These last couple of weeks have been flooded with back to back matches every weekend. We weren't able to practice without being worn out or tired. This was mostly due to The Premier League and our late entry. Team Evil Geniuses dropped out of the tournament about half way through and we replaced them. Since we were a new team in a league-style tournament, we had to make up for past weeks. With those matches stacked with ongoing tournaments, such as the Brawl, we were being stretched pretty thin.

I'm glad that the stretch is over now. We're finally able to recompose ourselves and forge a new style. Our team was heavily monitored during after we broke on to the competitive scene. In DotA2, previously you were able to watch anybodies scrims or matches through a little console trick. Many teams were aware of this trick and they had used it to their advantage. Since we were in the limelight, many of our tactics were scouted and banned before we had even played tournaments.

Now it is no longer possible to abuse this console command. I'm glad about that as well. We'll be able to practice privately and with much more ease compared to last month. Another reason would be that we were forced to play on an older version of the patch (tournament mode). It was determined by various organizers that we should play on the old patch for stability. However, most of the world (including DotA1) had moved onto the new patch (Latest). Recently, Icefrog has announced the newest patch will be tournament mode. So now it is time to pick things back up. Our performances have been slightly declining in the last couple of tournament matches because of these various reasons.

DotA 2's competitive metagame is very volatile. Things that worked yesterday may not work today, and things that work today may not work tomorrow. This is due to the frenzied scene. Many teams are all capable of knocking each other off the top 5. It's also a fairly new patch with many new combinations to be learned. I think that there is much to be explored and play-tested. Only time will tell, I suppose.

We'll try our best to pick up our collective games and win as much as possible.


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  1. coL.Ryan's Avatar
    i <3 the dota team! keep it up guys!