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MLG Columbus

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Well, I'm back from my second MLG experience thanks to complexity. I had no problems travelling to Ohio with direct flights and the hotel being close to the airport. The location of the event was enjoyable as the room size was larger and double the chairs for viewing . I felt I had a hard bracket with TSL,Polt,MStephano, LiquidSheth and was very disappointed I did not make it pass Polt with 2-0 loss. I showed my brittleness in the matches and it being my second event, and must say it was intimidating playing them in person. The next day I lost 2-0 to a top 50 NA GM zerg. Besides the disappointing results l had a great time meeting Col, hanging with the team and meeting the two new Koreans, Killer and Heart, who are very nice and friendly. I've been sent to MLG twice from Complexity and I have fallen short of showing good results and I would like another opportunity to show my worth .

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Updated 03-28-2012 at 03:57 PM by Nocreativity

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  1. Twixz's Avatar
    Im glad you had a good time nocreativity! Keep working hard!!!
  2. 1's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed the event!
  3. janbrayr's Avatar
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