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Practice methods I have used

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Hey there, I thought I'd write a little about different ways i believe you can practice to get better at this game, I'm always looking for better ways to practice or be more efficient in my practice so ive tried lots of different styles maybe some of you will let me know which you think is best!

Slow Method:

With this one you are trying to just increase understanding of the game, best used whenever you are learning a new style i think or if you are just starting out with something.

here you generally have 'hands on' practice only once a day and preferably at night. This is because you need to spend more time analyzing your replays and perhaps pro games that are similar to where you are trying to improve. For myself when I practiced like this I would wake up -> watch all my replays from yesterday where I lost and try to find a 'tipping point' in each game where I lose and find at least 3 reasons that caused the game to tip in my opponents favor.

From there you want to figure out what you need to do differently in your play to fix problems, and try to find creative solutions for certain situations. This is where you get to learn the ins and outs of something you are trying to do, Learn timings relative to yourself and your opponent so that you can visualize whats going on in real games and understand how to react to everything you see.

Mechanical Method:

I prefer to practice like this once I feel that I have a new strategy or style down, now I am playing twice a day for 3-4 hours each practice session. Focusing on my stamina but also my execution of what my plans are. You drill through each game doing your best to win and always watch the replays of your wins and losses directly after each game, you look for any errors such as supply blocking, money getting high, mis micro'd situations anything that you could have physically done better at in each game and look to fix them as you proceed into the next game, for this style I believe custom games are best because you usually want to play vs the same race on similar maps to what you are practicing.

Right now my general practice days are playing in both the EU and NA playhem daily's and trying to find custom practice outside of them. Trying to focus on improving how I play under stress, its a really difficult area that is hard to master so im trying to figure that out for now, once I do ill include in my next practice blog Bye now.

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  1. 1's Avatar
    I usually play.. try not to smash my keyboard.. then watch TV
  2. SanchoPanda's Avatar
    Good points! Us underleagues need to realizes there are layers to practice.

    At lower levels, I think it's helpful to remind people that they can practice a build in a costume game at a slower game rate. (i.e. Fast, or even normal). I've found that if I wait till I do the build exactly right in slower speeds, then increase the speed, my brain can handle the new sequences a lot better.