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Practice and Upcoming Matches

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Having a good practice schedule is absolutely key to having success in any game. Unfortunately due to exams, the past few weeks our practice has been lacking, and it shows in our results. As of late, things have started to look better now that school is done with, and more time can be dedicated to practicing, analyzing our games, and preparing for tournaments.

There were many epic games played today in our matches today against Mouz and Ex-Gosu, with each game going over an hour and being very even throughout. After first going down in the first game versus mouz, we were able to bring it back in the last two games by picking stronger lanes and minimizing mistakes. Against Ex-Gosu, we were unfortunately unable to pull out the win in a long game that was lost due to luck and a few small errors.

As we start to practice more we will be able to perform better where it counts, in tournaments. Most of our games now are lost largely due to small mistakes that are the result of not playing enough. With the international coming up this summer it is everyone's goal to be at peak performace. In the It's gosu monthly madness we will be up against the winners of ex-quantic and DTS in the round of 8. Also coming up in the premier league next sunday are our games vs Darer and Infused which should be good series.

VODs for the games vs Mouz can be found at http://www.own3d.tv/itsgosu#/watch/619257
VOD for the game vs Ex-Gosu can be found at http://www.twitch.tv/draskyll/b/317375840

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    Looking forward to some hard work this summer!