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Joining Complexity Gaming

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In my last blog I talked about joining Trademark and how that all came about, so I’m going to skip over that, if you missed it maybe go read that one first. (Here’s the link: http://peterpandam.blogspot.com/2012/07/dreamhack-experiences-future.html )

Since there really hasn’t been anything official about why we left Trademark and joined Complexity, I have decided to communicate with you guys through this. If you’re an avid follower of the team and its players you probably have heard most of this on streams. At least now there will be something in writing.

Why did we leave Trademark and join Complexity Gaming?

I understand that there are many other questions that some of you have that won’t get answered, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I’ll see that I give you the best possible answer I can.

Why did we leave Trademark?:

After Dreamhack Summer there were two initial roster changes with the loss of Zfreek and Sender, which left only 3 players on contract, Haxx and I being the exempts. After Tralf made his decision to join Honcast that left only 2, the team was basically new. Trademark wanted to keep us on but with a few disagreements in terms of the benefits we were receiving we had no choice but to leave. John, the CEO of Trademark eSports, was very understanding and willing to help us in any way he could during the transition. He was disappointed in losing the team he started with which he had built so much on but realized that things like this happen in eSports and learned from the situation rather than denying the inevitable.

Why did we join Complexity Gaming?:

After Complexity left the scene a little less than a year ago it seemed as if all the big sponsors were disappearing from HoN, joining Dota 2 and League of Legends instead. The future of the game we all love was looking pretty bleak to say the least, a game with no big sponsored teams will have less and less tournaments with less and less sponsorship so no doubt getting Complexity back into the scene was very important to us regardless of whether or not we were on the team.

Of course there were a few selfish reasons; the deal Complexity offered us far outweighs anything Trademark could have provided us. Joining a big name Complexity would only increase our eminence which will help us increase our fan base. Increasing our fan base will allow us to have a bigger following, more stream viewers, and in result more profit.

Complexity also has been a part of eSports since the beginning. Complexity was founded in 2003 by the infamous Jason Lake who was a lawyer at the time. He sponsored his own Counter Strike team when they had no sponsors which gave them the means to compete based purely on his passion and love for the game. Being associated with a man like this is an honor to say the least.

For this section of the blog I wanted to share the opinions of my teammates and voice what they have to say about joining team Complexity Gaming.

Rasmus "Chessie" Blomdin - "I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of Complexity. It is a great organization and I am sure they will provide us with what we need to grow as a team, and in return we'll prove ourselves as strong competitors!"

David “Moonmeander” Tan – “Thank you tdM for the good times, it was a good run. One of the best and most professional organizations I've ever been in. Shout-out to Battlehands and best of luck to the new tdM! As for Complexity, I'm excited to see such a big company coming into HoN once again. We won't disappoint and look forward to building a great relationship with coL and showing them why we're the best!”

In conclusion I’d like to thank both Jason Lake and Jason Bass for believing and seeing the potential in both our team and HoN as an eSport opportunity. We plan to be the team that sets an example and convinces other big name teams to join the competition! Biggest of shout-outs to our sponsors; Sound Blaster, Gamma Gamers, QPAD, PNY, Creative, Origin PC, and G8 Brand who make all of this possible!


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    Feels good knowing you left tdM on good terms, never knew how that really happened. Also, I hope you keep writing! I'm sick of trying to find out whats true and whats not in stream chats / comp forum.

    GL in compLexity!