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The Raven Sucks. Here's Why.

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Why does the raven suck?

Numero uno:
Auto turret is a 'building' in that collision will prevent them from being put down which renders them basically impossible to use in the heat of battle. Contrast with a spell like infested terran and the advantage is obvious.

Numero Doso:
Tying up starport production time is usually a big disadvantage due to the requirement of medivacs in every bio composition and vikings vs. protoss/zerg. Yes, you can go mech with ravens and not need medivacs - but if you're going mech it's much harder to find the gas for ravens and generally you still need vikings.

Numero Treso:
Ravens with <50 energy are basically useless. HT have archon meld and infestors at least can drop infested terrans. Not only that but to get the actually good spells you need 100/125 energy which is 25 or 50 more than ht or infestors.

Numero Four:
And this is the doozy. The whopper. The real reason you never see Ravens. Well, this in conjunction to the others perhaps. Ravens have the second highest time between resources invested and return of investment. A raven takes 60 seconds to build. If we assume ~1 energy/2 sec which is close enough - we need another 50 seconds before we get PDD. Then we need another 50 seconds before hsm. This is between infinity% longer waiting after the spellcaster is done (compared to infestor) and just as long or twice as long as a high templar waiting for storm.

Not only that, but after casting the big spell (PDD or hsm) you need to wait ~200 or 250 seconds (3-4 minutes) before casting it again. Compare that to the ~150 seconds of high templar or infestor and that's a huge difference. Minutes matter.

In case you were wondering - motherships take longer to come out and be useful but not by that much. 160 second build time + 100 seconds to get energy for a vortex.


Ravens take too damn long to be useful after resources, production time, and supply are invested. Once their spell (pdd/hsm) has been cast they take upwards of a minute longer before they can cast their best spells compared to other spell casters.

Maybe if ravens literally won the game like vortex does the wait would be worth it.

Maybe if we could build them out of a less expensive production building or one that wasn't constantly tied up in viking/medivac production we wouldn't mind tying up those resources.

Fixing the Raven:

First things first. Make auto turret not have collision. Make it stack. Be a unit. Flying. Whatever. Collision messes with auto turret placement so badly in any kind of fight.

Beyond that the abilities either need to be stronger or cost less mana and be weaker. The time to return of investment is too high. In most situations where a raven would be useful I can just spend my money on something else that comes out quicker and does more sooner.

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  1. EroSennin's Avatar
    3800+ views?! Holy crap, maybe I need to start taking more Gamma Labs products!
  2. StrattoN's Avatar
    I find it hard to believe anyone of any race could argue with this logic.
  3. coL|aMies's Avatar
    His mastery of both SC2 and the Spanglish language continues to amaze me.
  4. john_doom's Avatar
    I dont like Ravens as well. Perfect post mate!