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Gamer Names

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“How did you come up with your name?”

This question is asked of almost every gamer at some time in their gaming career. Some have detailed stories about why they chose their name and what it means to them where others simply say they thought it sounded cool and went with it.

Personally I’ve gone through many names since I started gaming; I always thought it was cool to start over with a new name, a fresh start you could say. Back when I played World of Warcraft I went by the name “Aboreus”. You see I was playing a Restoration Druid who often spends a lot of his time in Tree form, “Abor” was Latin for tree and I added a “eus” on the end just to make it sound epic. Something about Latin words are just so aesthetic.

When I switched to HoN I began to play under the name “Peterpandam” which I used for quite some time. The name was inspired by actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and I put a “Peter” in front because that’s my first name. It was kind of neat going by that name; everyone just called me by my first name so that was pretty simple. However I name-changed once again to my current gamer tag “Franzzii”.

At first the account was called “FranzzKafka”, inspired by one of the authors I read in my Western World Masterpieces class at University. I KNOW IT’S INCREDIBLY NERDY, but it’s a cool name and I actually didn’t mind reading Metamorphosis believe it or not. After a while I decided to shorten it because it just didn’t flow well, plus, who really wants to be known by the name of a dead author. I shortened it to “Franzzii” and I’m happy with that. Who knows maybe someday down the line I’ll change but for now being as embedded in gaming as I am it may be difficult to change yet again if I ever felt the urge.

I wanted to ask a couple of other players and I’m assuming most of you reading this are fans of Complexity so I thought I’d help shed some light on some of my teammates in game identities. Feel free to share your stories in the comment section below about how you came up with your name.

Haxxeren – “Hmm, I was 12 years old when I started playing WoW so there wasn’t too much thought behind it. I sometimes translate “Haxxeren” into “the cheater” more or less.”

Chessie – “I've used two different nicknames in my gaming-career; one is “rjbn” which is the initials of my full name. That nick was used for FPS-games only. I felt it wasn't a good nickname at all for MMORPG-games, so there I went for the more aesthetic name “Chessie” which I first came up with in the game Tibia, and it then followed me into World of Warcraft and finally HoN!”

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  1. Yeager183's Avatar
    A question asked time and time again of gamers, often regardless of their popularity/skill level. I'm curious; was WoW the first game you actually played a decent amount, or was it just the first instance where you created your alias from scratch?
  2. coL.Franzzii's Avatar
    I actually played a lot of Age of Empires, CS 1.6, and Warcraft 3 before I switched over to WoW. Also played a lot of console games when I was younger - Mario 64, Mario-Kart, Halo, Call of Duty, etc.Those were mostly offline experiences where an alias wasn't necessary. I had an alias in WC3 as well but I wasn't that involved in gaming at that time.