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Misconceptions in the SC2 Scene

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Being the active redditor I am, I usually see lots of people post stuff that while I think would make sense, are generally not true. So I talked to some other players and made a list of things that I believe happen to be misconceived by the average fan.

Teammates always practice together.
I think this got somewhat debunked when people saw the IdrA/Demuslim stuff, but there's a lot of other players who just don't want to practice with teammates and prefer to just ladder. Just because someone joins a team with koreans on it doesn't mean they actually get the benefit of practicing with them. Usually language/server barriers are the biggest barrier between two players playing with each other often.

Most teams offer support to improve your play such as coaching/creating practice schedules or training regiments/etc.
While I think most people know no team outside of korea has a true coach to support the players, some people donít seem to know that on pretty much any foreign team youíre basically on your own in terms of how/when you practice if youíre residing in NA/EU. I donít know of any team outside of korean ones that enforces a particular practice schedule outside of maybe some internal ranking matches. Sometimes weekly or daily practice groups will form but I havenít seen them last much more than a month.

A big name sponsor equates to a large amount of support.
Just because a team has a big name sponsor on their jersey doesn't necessarily mean they're getting a lot of support from them. The sponsorship could be as small as getting gear, clothing, etc.

Ladder ranking is an accurate list of players ranked by skill.
This really only relates to the North American ladder because Iím not nearly as familiar with the KR and EU ladder. Pros treat ladder differently from each other. Some players truly care about their ranking/win rate so they will always do the builds theyíre most consistent/confident with, while others treat it purely as practice so they will try new things and experiment. Others just purely donít care and donít play ladder that often or even at all (although most do). The top of GM is usually just the people who care about having that status the most, sprinkled with a few of the really talented players.

Pros don't see what you say about them.
Outside of a few pros, almost every player I know reads reddit/TL threads about matches they played in to see what fans said, and some will even go as far as to watch vods of their own matches just to see what commentators said about them during the games. If you tweet a player they will for sure read it and some (A LOT) search their names on TL to see where their names are popping up.

Players always get hardware/gear from sponsors.
In general you can expect a keyboard/mouse/headset/ from a team, but just because a team is sponsored by a hardware company doesn't mean the player has that specific brand of hardware at home.

I'll probably make a part two for this at some point but these were just the first ones that really came to mind.
This is by no means based on my own personal experiences specifically, just things I've noticed from the scene overall from talking to other players/friends . Also I'm not trying to devalue the importance of sponsors in the scene, they are definitely very much needed and appreciated.

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