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Future Airmen

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I've finally done it! I'm now in the process of being in the Air Force!!!! I go to MEPS wensday, and I'm not excited for that but I am excited for the future. Only thing tho is that I will not be here for my sisters wedding :/ which was a hard choice but I also had to think about my future as well. Because right now more people are joining the military because of the recession and If I was to wait any longer I can't be guaranteed a job in the service. I feel really bad, but it's something I had to do.And I just hope she understands! Hopefully my basic training goes well. I will also keep posting blogs about my experiences leading up to it as well. Oh yea my mom cried as well, she's saying I won't be here anymore and that she won't see me for like months because I'm going to be busy and stuff, but I told her I will try my best to come home on my vacation days and visit, and I will keep that promise because my parents mean a lot to me. They have done so much for me it's unbelievable. Well that's it for now.

Also can anyone recommend me some ASVAB practice sites? Thanks.


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  1. Tilley's Avatar
    You do know you get 30 days of vacation to use each year, right?
  2. jose's Avatar
    Yea but after basic I have to go to tech school, and my sisters wedding will be on Labor Day weekend and I ship off around July 15th. So my basic training graduation will be the weekend after her wedding.

    P.S. Damn, I just re-read it and noticed all the bad grammar lol. Oh well. I'm really tired and I'm going to bed. Night all.
  3. Nc0gnit0's Avatar
    that blog was pathetically sad.
  4. jose's Avatar
    I know, I'm not good with blogs. Sorry I'm trying :/
  5. Jake's Avatar
    Nc0gnit0 -

    Blogs can be whatever you want them to be. They don't need to be good, it's just a way for people to express themselves.

    josegee -

    Good luck in the Air Force man! Have a few friends that enlisted right out of high-school and they seem to be enjoying it more the most part (the few that aren't Air Force). Hopefully they don't like you so much in basic that they keep you a second time if you know what I mean

    - Jake