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Gamers' Worst Enemies

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After many hours of doing nothing in multiple classes during school, as a dedicated gamer, I've come up with my personal 10 biggest enemies. A few are slightly related.. but still different overall. These are in order from the thing that least bothers me to the thing that makes me want to throw my computer out the window.

10. -System Updates- My problem with system updates is that whenever I get the pop-up where it asks "Update Now or Later?".. I ALWAYS choose later. Eventually it gets to the point where it just begins updating by itself and I can't stop it and obviously the lag that this causes will make any game unplayable. If I have a nasty urge for some CS... I get very pissed.

9. -Instant Messenger- Usually I remember to sign out of MSN(or any other IM I might be using).. but sometimes I forget. It just happens that RIGHT when I am in a clutch situation my computer lags for a second while the message pops up right in the middle of my screen, or sometimes it automatically minimizes my game completely.. then I get yelled at by my team for failing. sad face.

8. -Equipment/System Failure- This is not a common issue, but everybody experiences it at one time or another. The day comes where your mouse starts randomly disconnecting and reconnecting.. or maybe your headset loses some power in one of the ears but not the other. Or worst of all.. THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. Nothing worse than being in the middle of an intense scrim or match and having this big load of blue staring right back at you.

7. -Pets- Pets can be hurtful to gamers in a few ways. One being that sometimes they are so damn cute. Ever had a new puppy or cat come rub up against your leg while you're at the computer? It can be hard not to take your attention away for a few seconds to stop and pet them. Another thing that I have to deal with is the presense of 2 loud talkative felines. Either they will be screaming at me like banshees expecting me to jump up and get them some food, or they will jump up on ME and then onto the DESK and end up right in front of my monitor.. ugh.

6. -Doorbell- The doorbell is not always a bad thing, unless you live in an area like me where the doorbell is usually some random person that you don't know or somebody delivering a package that your family ordered. Jump up, run down the stairs, get to the door, sign a paper, take the package and set it on the table, run back upstairs, you're dead in your game. Fail.

5. -Food/Beverages- If you're a true gamer, then you've probably forgotten a pizza in the oven, some hotdish on the stove, or something along those lines. Or maybe you had to grab a glass of juice or milk while you're gaming. Things get intense in the game, one things leads to another and your body makes a swift motion... you knock it over all over your keyboard and/or desk. I've done it several times, never gets easier to deal with.

4. -Internet Lag- 2 types of lag in my mind. The type where it spikes every 15 seconds and the type where it is non-stop 300+ ping, completely unplayable. Either way, it's gonna piss you off that your game is completely delayed and you can't do a damn thing.

3. -Mother Nature- The official Bitch of the gaming world. People who live where it rains and snows a lot know what I am talking about. Ever had a match night, and you see on the weather radar a nasty bunch of red almost right over you? Might think "Hey, at least I'm gonna be inside since I got my match tonight!", to yourself. During your match, you hear a huge blast of thunder followed by a bright flash of lighting.. then suddenly all your lights shut off, along with your computer. How do I react to this? I look up at my ceiling and say.. "really?"

2. -Family- I love my family to death, but there is a line on how much attention I need from them. Some times if I am playing CS when my parents get home, they come in the room and tell me the main points of what happened with them during work and other things they know I obviously don't care about. Other times they simply ask me questions about what's going on in my life, if I have a girlfriend, what my plans are for the weekend, if I got my homework done.. things along those lines. Lastly, I hate when my parents decide to watch movies or videos on Hulu, Youtube, or any site that can make me lag if they go to it. Also a download-happy brother when he's home from college.. UGH!

1. -PHONES- Last but not least, my biggest enemy while I'm gaming. Whether it's my cell phone or the house phone.. I can't go a simple hour without getting a pointless text or minimum 2-minute phone call. There's really nothing more to say about this one.

I put these enemies in this order due to all my experiences of them over the past 5 years. Feel free to post your own order also!


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  1. Tilley's Avatar
  2. playeR's Avatar
    Yeah, that shit pisses me off too. Right when I'm in a situation where I CAN'T leave my computer, my parents tells me to do something. My parents already hate CS because I spend so much time playing it, so they can take away my computer. When the phone rings.. OH MY GOSH, I don't mind if it's someone I know, but when it's about some bullshit advertisement, I just go off.
  3. Rainman's Avatar
    exactly. haha
  4. DozeR's Avatar
    Beverage solution - Find an enclosed container with a flip top spout. I have one and dropped it about a dozen times and it has never spilled.

    Food solution - Get one of those wind up timers and make sure its next to you so it can tell u when the food is done.

    Pets solution - Toys and make time so they feel they get their love.