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wow... just wow...

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so, there I was, sleeping, woke up, said byebye to my girlfriend and sat down at my computer... biggest chock ever... "Hey, what's JAX doing on the col channel with a coL tag?", "how come all JMC staff now tags coL?". Yeah sounds dumb that I didn't figure it out right away, but I was TIRED!

Anyway if I was exited before now I'm REALLY super excited, time to get this show on the road! ;D

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  1. 1's Avatar
    Saddle up brother. We've got work to do.
  2. dsl's Avatar
    coL.sunman1g once again!
  3. gohper's Avatar
    I am really waiting to see what happens to this team, I also love Josh "Dominator" Sievers he is a beast
  4. lkyrog's Avatar
    It is nice to see the coL tag on sunman again.....just like ole times
    And with the management team and staff assembled for this, I see nothing but great things to come!
  5. clone1hp's Avatar
    ik wow im pumped