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What's on Rainmans Mind?

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It's a Saturday afternoon and I've been stuck inside my house all day with nothing to do but talk with some CS friends, browse some forums, and watch some videos. Anyways I'm just gonna throw you guys/gals some of the thoughts going on in my head today.

-The Blog Competition-
As much as I needed a new headset, since mine died recently and I don't feel like asking my parents to buy me a new one(they're totally fine financially.. I just don't like making them dish out money for me sometimes), I'm completely fine with not placing in the Top 3. The things I am NOT fine with is all the shit-talking/bashing comments being made by people who only have accounts on this website due to the blog competition(as in they were asked to make an account and vote, and now they feel like they can talk all the shit that they want). I feel it is totally disrespectful and inappropriate how people are doing this. On top of that, people pointing out that people are receiving votes due to their gender.. really? In my opinion I think a D.Q. or 2 should DEFINITELY be made, but I realize what kind of problems could be caused that probably prevent that. All I hope is that when the next 'competition' like this comes out that there will be some rules as to who can vote(registered for a certain amount of time + need a certain amount of non-spam forum posts.. and maybe some other random things). Please no more popularity contests. Some deleting of these new accounts made in the past week or 2 might also be a good idea.. maybe not.. just a thought EDIT: Just to be honest, I DID ask friends outside of the community to vote for my entered blog.. I seriously have no clue how many people actually did though.

-Counter Strike Communities-
Ever since I started playing Counter Strike 1.6(about 4.5-5 years ago now) I have been an admin in 2 different CS communities. My first one was called NLCS (NoLimitCounterStrike). Honestly, discovering this community was one of the best things I have ever done as far as gaming goes. I have at least half a dozen people that I have never lost touch with after all those years. It's amazing how much people online, that you may never meet face-to-face, can teach you things that go outside of the online world. Anyways, after multiple endings of NLCS.. the veterans of it eventually were lead to a CZ-based community called Lost Souls. Google it and find the forums.. amazing community with amazing people.. even if you don't play CZ.

As I was sitting at my computer earlier I was watching the awesome movie "Crash". I'm sure most people here have seen it or at least heard of it. It's basically about how terrible racism is in the world(VERY brief description). This movie is VERY strong and it can really start making some new thoughts begin floating around in your head. If you have never seen it, I suggest you do.

-Speech/Theatre Class-
I am the last person who would ever volunteer to be in a play or musical. Not only am I terrible at memorizing lines/actions of scripts, but I am not the loudest person either. However, we are having a "1-Act Play" unit for speech class.. just so happened that I ended up in the play with the character that has the most lines out of every part in every play. And of course I got that part. The play is called "Echo" and my characters name is "Henry". As I went through highlighting my lines, I couldn't help but take time to also read through it all. It's basically about a father named Henry and his wife(Mary) who had 2 kids; Lillian and David. David shot himself a while ago because of trouble in a "puppy love relationship". Henry couldn't get rid of his guilty conscience that he had something to do with the death because he was always being hard on David and not always believing him. One part is a flashback where Henry remembers yelling at David because he accused David of stealing $500 from Mary. After this flashback, Henry decides to grab a book and read.. $500 falls out of the bookcase as he pulls the book out.. the same $500 that he had accused David of stealing. Just imagine the kind of guilt a person would feel after that. Anyways.. as a student who has never enjoyed acting or taking part in drama, I am actually REALLY looking foward to being this character.

Well if anybody actually reads ALL of that.. thanks! Feel free to comment on any part of this as long as it's in a mature, respectful manner.

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  1. alm0st's Avatar
    You can have my prize.

    I only wanted the soundcard.
  2. ooblesnaps's Avatar
    I liked your blog the best..
  3. Hayo's Avatar
    Nice blog man, good luck with your One Act. I personally would never go through with that, Im a good speaker just not a great actor
  4. SarahT's Avatar
    Wow very cool I personally liked your blog the best as well.
    The play your doing sounds like a very good piece.
    I'm involved with acting and such and we did the Laramie project for a competition in November.
    Have fun with your one acts
  5. Rainman's Avatar
    thanks for the comments

    The only bad part about the play is that it is 100% serious.. not even one single small joke throughout it. Oh well.
  6. RiF's Avatar
    if i woulda known about ur blogs sooner i prolly woulda voted for you