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My thoughts on coL.CS

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Hello friends,

it's been a while since i posted my last blog, so i take the recent coL.CS change as the opportunity to write a few lines.

First and foremost i like to say that every word in this blog is, regardless my position as coL Administrator, my personal opinion and is NOT the opinion of the compLexity Gaming Organization! I am also talking only for myself and not for other fans or community members!

Okay, the topic of this blog is about coL.CS and the relation with the coL community.

I follow coL since winter 2004 and registered at the coL forums in april 2005, so i was observer of the different interaction levels of coL.CS and the community during the years.

Let me start with the old coL.CS: fRoD, tr1p, sunman, storm, Warden
This legendary lineup does not need any introduction. It's simply one of the best CS teams that ever existed and must be named in the same sentence with SK, eoL, NiP and a few others. Of course wasn't the old coL.CS that good from day one. They started as nobodies and did fit well in the community of nobodies that started to cheer for them and supported them throughout their career. All the coL.CS players were regular poster on the forum, they chatted on irc with everybody, they posted pictures and hung out with fans on LANs. The team was in middle of their fan base and fans enjoyed to be part of the community, because they were so close to their "idols".
The more they played the better they became and quickly coL.CS was an international recognized and feared team. But the increasing popularity and the success on tournaments had a downside. With the same speed the popularity increased the gap between the team and the fan base increased too. Forum posts on their own forums were rare, chats on irc only happened once or twice a year and only to set times. Of course, there was alot of content, pictures, videos and stories about coL.CS posted, but i had the impression that it wasn't anymore the team, but the pushing force behind this was solely Jason Lake. He never lost the touch to the fan base and expressed his appreciation again and again.
To get to the point: the better they got the more did they cut down their fan base work and, in some cases, the cockier they became. All of the sudden did some of them think they don't any longer belong to the community nobodies, but acted like they would be some kind of rock stars. The fan base work was only done by Jason Lake and the staff.
This had also a direct effect on the team. The second the team perfomed weaker than expected, voices arise and demand changes in the team. I really and honstly doubt that fans would demand to cut a player, if the player would always be in close touch with the fans. Fans would consider such a player a friend and friends don't cut friends coldblooded, just because he did not played so well. The loyalty toward the players (! but not toward the coL organization) significantly decreased due to their changed attitude toward the community.
The last and ultimately proof, how little esteem the players had in the end, was the way how the old coL.CS departed - with a backstab, not only to Jason Lake, but also to the long time fans and supporters. And if you have followed coL for more than 3 months you know how loyal the staff and the community was, but one player answered in an interview to the question "How do you respond to the criticism that this team has no heart and just follows the money trail?" "To us, the only kind of support that really matters is the ability to travel..."
This statement explains all - a spit in the face of anybody who ever supported this team and was loyal through ups and downs.
The once cool team with a very close connection to the community became a bunch of ungrateful, arrogant and cocky CS players without any appreciation for the fans.
NOTE: the last 2 sentences do NOT apply to tr1p and sunman, because both left the team long before the departure of the other team member!

Next is the former coL.CS: da_bears, method, sunman, volcano, zid
This team had no easy start, because most of them haven't touched CS 1.6 for almost 2 years and the expectations in this team were huge. If this burden wouldn't be enough, did they experience a much lesser support any loyalty from the fans. Not only that the fans were still shocked about the departure of the old coL.CS, but the new coL.CS team was from day one not very close to the community and long time fans. All player names were very familiar, no wonder because every single player was a legend years ago! The first few weeks there was forum posts, blogs, videos and POV demos, but this quickly stopped. The fans only got "second hand news" about the team from the staff and that was about it. The team found only slowly into the old form - too slow, because parts of the community began very soon to call for changes.
Again, if the players would have blend with the community, they would have experienced more support and more time would maybe have been granted. But it happened what was expected (and demanded) by many, the team was released. Now look at the forums, blogs, etc. Do you find any word from the community of regret? Do you find questions what the players are doing now? No! Because for the very most of the community the coL.CS player are just some counter-strike players that can be replaced if they are doing bad. There was to no time a close connection between this team and the community that would have made the release a hard decision.
Don't get me wrong. Every single player of the team is a great person, but they horribly lacked to interact with the community and this fired back in form of indifference already three days after their release was announced.
Good luck to them anyway, whatever they are going to do now.

The current coL.CS: dboorN, hero, Irukandji, NineSpot, savi0r
Without a doubt is this a very strong team. All players are young, hungry for titles, motivated and ... they already enjoy the new fan base! Only a few days part of the coL family and they already started to post on the forum, gave interviews, posted blogs, uploaded POV demos, chatted in our irc channel and so on. That's pretty much what the old coL (from 2004-2006) did and for what they were loved from the fans. Let's hope that this young team does not share the same undignified destiny that the old coL.CS has chosen.

Key is interaction with the community. Post on the forums, chat with fans on irc, upload POV demos after matches (also if you lose close matches, if this ever should happen), share your thoughts in blogs, upload pictures and videos, etc. Only if the community has the impression that a player is one of them they will stick to the player, protect and defend him in other forums if he gets attacked, will be loyal and faithful and will forgive a not so good performance but will motivate and support him for the next match.
I'm confident that the new coL.CS will bring back the enjoyment from the past. Maybe not in form of CS world dominance, that we had with the old coL.CS, but with players the community can identify with, players that are close to the community and for what the community will love them.

Bottom line is: treat your fans well and they will thank you with loyalty and appreciation!

Thanks for reading and best regards,

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  1. Irukandji's Avatar
    I completely agree and all the top players now were fans once. I came to this site daily in 2004-2006 to download the old coL.cs demos after matches and I never realized from a player's point of view how nice hearing from fans can be before/after a match.
  2. derek14boorn's Avatar
    inspiring write-up; glad to know what we do is also appreciated, thanks for the support!
  3. tonynot's Avatar
    Good blog.. Agree with most of it. If the players talk with the community = a bigger community and support.
  4. Monk's Avatar
    excellent blog Bossi! Pretty much sums up the last couple months (or however long its been) in my opinion about the teams. There was nothing in there that I didn't agree with.
  5. yagami's Avatar
    well thought out. I dont see any flaw in your analysis.
  6. saturOs's Avatar
    good read! ive been a fan of hero and savi0r for some time now after i used to pug with hero with bRad, but he took me off his friends
  7. 1's Avatar
    Wise stuff, and true. The fans will always give back if you take care of them.
  8. vinu3l's Avatar
    i'm wondering why the former coL roster with zid, method, volcano, da_bears, and sunman didn't post at all on this website. they didn't write blogs, and they didn't interact with the fans. anyways... good stuff.
  9. Bossi's Avatar
    Thank you all for your comments.
  10. onesix's Avatar
    Great blog Bossi!
  11. jonsolo's Avatar
    nicely written. good blog
  12. JetBlk's Avatar
    Great blog bossi, i agree 100%!
  13. I'mheretohelp's Avatar
    awesome blog, we can use more blogs like this one!
  14. Portland's Avatar
    Your whole first section about the original col.cs is complete hogwash. I'm sorry, I usually don't respond to the col propaganda that the fans and staff perpetuate, but it's obvious you haven't a clue about how things really were or are now. If you'd like to enlighten yourself I'd be happy teach you in a PM or email.
    Updated 05-30-2009 at 04:03 AM by Portland
  15. Bossi's Avatar
    @ Portland
    It's neither hogwash nor coL propaganda, because it's my personal opinion, as i stated above, and spoken from my long time experience as coL community member. If you want to "convince" me that i'm wrong, please do so by PM.

    But before you do please consider first this: visit archive.org and make use of the waybackmachine to browse the old coL website and see, how many interaction you can find between the old coL players and the community. You can also talk to some old time fans and ask them about how the interaction changed over the time.
    Once you have done this, you can come back and "enlighten" me.

    Further did i just checked in the database the editlog of this blog and nobody but you edited your own post. So please make no accusations, if they are not true.
  16. River's Avatar
    I completely agree with this, but one minor mistake;

    tr1p and sunman were kicked (or if you want to soften the blow "released") from compLexity, they did not "depart" as such.

    Nice write up dude, I hope the players stay with the fans the whole way this time.
  17. creamsoda's Avatar
    good stuff Bossi