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Sept 8, 2009

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September 8, 2009 is the day I will be leaving for the Air Force! I got a job as a Fire Protection Apprentice ( Firefighter ) but that's if I pass tech school. My mom wanted me to get a desk job, but honestly I can't do that. I do not want to sit my ass in a desk for 7 or more hours and just be stressed out. I will be doing more than just a firefighter, I have to learn to be bomb squad and other chemical stuff that regular firemen don't know. I have 3 months to troll the forums and chill with my high school friends.

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  1. onesix's Avatar
    Have fun in the Air Force and keep safe.
  2. 1's Avatar
    Big adventure! Good luck.
  3. derek14boorn's Avatar
    big commitment ~o: exciting to hear man. good luck with it all
  4. vinu3l's Avatar
    take care dood.
  5. Popcorn1's Avatar
    Have fun and be safe.
  6. nick21's Avatar
    Tell her you did get a deskjob! You joined the chairforce!!!
  7. JetBlk's Avatar
    Good luck man and be safe!
  8. deLay's Avatar
    Sweet, I'm planning on being a Boom Opperator or a Load Master. Cuz I want to travel and Air Crew travels the most.. Good luck man! And if things don't go as planned I mite be goin with you for boot camp!
  9. jose's Avatar
    haha, alright deLay. Well I love you all.
  10. JaX's Avatar
    Good luck man, kick ass.