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My first blog of many.

My first blog of many.

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I've never done a blog before so hopefully I'll become a pro at it soon . As you all know all of us are living together for the summer. So far it has brought a lot of results but not close to where we want to be. It has been pretty rough with trying to find teams to practice against. But it has helped us use our time in other ways. We have started to talk a lot more about situations and strats.

Tonight we played won a big match against EG. The match didn't go as smoothly as we wanted it to but managed to come up with the W. Jeff (hero) came up with some big rounds that definitely pushed the match in our favor. But it was a nice win because it a win under the coL name. It was a win more for the community .

Stay tuned for more content to be uploaded from us. The skydiving trip for NineSpot and Irukandji are coming up soon so stay tuned for that. Also, go download hero's demo, its on the website. He played amazing .

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  1. shlorn's Avatar
    Nice blog, you guys rocked last night. Complexity is back.
  2. vinu3l's Avatar
    nice. ya'll did ok vs EG. fix up the mistakes, and you'll rock em harder next time.
  3. 1's Avatar
    Good stuff, and a nice start. Work to be done, so humility is the name of the game, but definitely a solid win.
  4. Bossi's Avatar
    Very nice to see that you also decided to start to blog.
  5. derek14boorn's Avatar
  6. tonynot's Avatar
    Was a good win.. I got scared when you guys got eco'd. But good win and blog.
  7. onesix's Avatar
    Great win guys!
  8. nick21's Avatar